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Living with Celiac is tough enough, but share a pantry with a gluten-eater and you’ll quickly learn the value of labeling. Use color coded stickers or tape to indicate what’s “safe” and “not safe” when it comes to leftovers, prep spaces, and shared utensils.

We at Triumph Dining have developed two possible sticker designs to bring greater clarity to your sometimes-gluten-free kitchen. Now we want to hear from you! Vote now in our poll below.


We’d love to develop more stickers with your needs in mind. Who would use stickers in your family – kids, adults, pets (hey, you never know)? Sound off in our comments section to let us now how you’d use your Triumph Dining stickers!

8 thoughts on ““Stick” with Triumph: Vote now!”

  1. I like both of these. The simplicity of the first one is great and to the point, but the “don’t contaminate” line is good, especially if you’re dealing with house guests who may not be as savvy in understanding what gluten-free really means. If anything, it gets people asking questions — and that is what it is all about.

    The stickers are a GREAT idea!

  2. I like them both, but the first seems more to the point. Less confusing. Less wordy.
    Maybe if Don’t contaminate was at the bottom…or even better Be Careful! or Be Careful, I’m and then the gluten free….if trying to articulate to kids, elderly, foriegn lanuage, they may not understand/know what contaminate means!

  3. Stickers are a wonderful idea. My family in the house is wonderful and we have had very little trouble in the past 7 years, but the immediate family that visits is another story. Contamination is a very big problem. Even if they know it is gluten free, they will use a contaminated spoon or knife in the product without thinking it will hurt. The sticker with Don’t Contaminate would may go further in educating than my family at home has been able to do.

  4. I have to send my kids food with them all the time to camp etc. The don’t contaminate would be a great reminder to the staff to wash their hands and follow guidelines previously discussed!

  5. I like the second ones better- these are most useful for taking food to potluck get-togethers (holidays, etc.). I always label my food with similar stickers.

  6. I have similar stickers that I received free with the purchase of another GF grocery guide and I think it is ESSENTIAL to have the “don’t contaminate.” What’s to stop an unknowing guest from double-dipping in the gluten free peanut butter when it is simply labeled “gluten free?” Yes, hopefully any guest bold enough to get something out of your refrigerator would know better, but when you don’t live with a celiac it’s so easy to forget these things that are such a force of habit already. I, for one, would not purchase any gluten free label without the words “don’t contaminate” also on them. Just my two cents!

  7. I would use them both!! What a brilliant idea, but I do love the “don’t contaminate” ones better. My boyfriend and I are moving into our first place together and he is really good about things, however when we have guests I think these would come in extremely handy. They would be perfect for the holidays too…put a little place card in front of each dish saying what it is, and then a sticker on it for the gluten free items. Ohhhh the options.

  8. I agree with the posts above. I would use Gluten-Free for myself to remind me about certain products I buyand I would use the Don’t Contaminate for guests to remind them of things.

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