(Post By Laura)

Following in the well-loved footsteps of MLB parks, some NFL stadiums are getting on board with gluten-free concessions. Yippee!

According to Kyle Eslick’s post from about a year ago, gluten-free concessions are available at only two football stadiums: Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles) and M&T Bank Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens).  With 34 stadiums across the country, that’s a pretty poor showing, if you ask me. But though they haven’t yet rivaled baseball parks in numbers, NFL stadiums are making a huge effort to include gluten-free fans in all sorts of team activities.

Tomorrow, on August 5th, the Philadelphia Eagles will open their gluten-free concession stand for Flight Night, one of the teams’ most well-attended off-season events. At the family-friendly affair, there will be prizes, giveaways, a live Philadelphia Eagles team practice, and, of course, gluten-free concessions.

The stand, located behind Section 117, serves hot dogs on gluten-free buns, fruit gummy snacks, trail mix, juice boxes for the kids, and Redbridge gluten-free beer for their parents. The gluten-free concession stand is permanent, so it will be open not just for the 20,000 people attending tomorrow’s event, but for Eagles fans who attend games all season long.

I have to say, the Philadelphia Eagles have won a point in my New York Giants loving heart. And if you don’t know much about professional football, let me tell you – it is not easy for the Eagles to win over a Giants fan, especially a thoroughbred like me. Born and raised to love Big Blue, I do hope my team jumps on board Aramark’s gluten-free concessions program soon. And on behalf of football fans across the country, I’d like to thank the Eagles for putting in the extra effort both to offer gluten-free concessions and to get the word out about them. All rivalries aside, I’m rooting for many gluten-free football games come this fall.

Do you know of any other NFL stadiums picking up gluten-free concessions this year? We’ll keep you posted if we hear of any!

(Top photo courtesy of flickr.com).