These days, a person’s car is a second home. Whether you’re in it for long commutes, road trips, or constant taxi-ing between school, soccer practice, and the grocery store, your car should be prepared for any gluten-free needs or roadside emergencies. Here are a few ideas for keeping your car gluten-free-ready, come what may:

1) Trail Mix, Nuts, Dried Fruit, or Jerky: Keeping a supply of shelf-stable gluten-free food in your car is a great idea for situations when you’re really hungry and don’t have the time to worry about checking labels or speaking to managers.

2) GF salad dressing packets and GF soy sauce packets: If all else fails, a salad is usually a safe bet at a restaurant, but they might not always have the gluten-free dressing you like. Keeping a small stock of your favorite salad dressings in individual packets will ensure that you can enjoy your meal anytime – even on the road. Never again be stuck with a dry salad – who really wants to eat unseasoned vegetables, anyway? And in case there’s no salad stop nearby, it’s good to have a back-up of GF soy sauce packets. These can add a tasty and salty bite to any meal when the sauces on hand at a restaurant may not be gluten-free.  

3) The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide and The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide: Keep these handy books in your car so that you can find gluten-free eats in any scenario. Whether you’re stopping at the drive-thru of a popular chain restaurant (the restaurant guide has gluten-free lists from over 120 of these), or running into the roadside grocery for an impromptu bite, you’ll be able to find gluten-free options quickly and easily.

4) Reusable Shopping Bag: If you’re doing a lot of grocery shopping, help the environment and invest in reusable shopping bags. Keep them in your trunk to avoid  repeating a mistake made many times before: buying reusable bags over and over (always with good intentions), only to forget them at home every time you go to the store.

5) Cooler: Keeping a small cooler in your trunk can be a great idea, because when traveling, you never know when you’ll find new gluten-free goodies to bring home! You can also stock a cooler with gluten-free treats to last you a whole day on the road, at work, or wherever else life finds you.

6) Dining Cards: With these in your car, you’ll always feel prepared to order gluten-free when dining out. Triumph sells them in ten different languages, so chefs and servers of any origins will be able to serve you up a gluten-free meal no matter where you are!

Any other gluten-free supplies that you always keep stocked in your car? Please share!