Need Some More Convincing? Here are 5 More Reasons to Buy the 5th Edition of The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide.

5thEdRestaurantGuideTo those of you who bought our new gluten-free restaurant guide, thank you. And I hope it’s treating you well. Are you drowning in options? Are you blissfully distracted by shiny flashy visions of 6,800 gluten-free restaurants and 120 gluten-free lists and menus from major chain restaurants? Have you found the courage yet to branch out, live a little further toward the edge, eat somewhere new? Do tell us – how do you like your experience?

If we didn’t convince you last week that this tool will change your gluten-free life (for the better, the much better, for the best), well, I do apologize for not being clear. This tool will change your gluten-free life (for the best). And if numbers (numbers like 6,800 and 120) don’t convince you, here are five (oops…some) more reasons to try it out:

  1. People. Certainly you have people who matter to you. And almost as certainly, not all of those people eat gluten-free. They don’t want to dine out at the restrictive vegan restaurant two hours away (although those meals are sometimes surprisingly tasty), and, if they care about you, they probably don’t want to go out to a restaurant just to watch you eat a plain baked potato. So get the guide, open it up, and find out where you and your loved ones can eat together and happily. Very happily.
  2. Travel. That business trip to Chicago. The hiking extravaganza outside of Boulder. Driving twelve hours up the coast to help your 18-year-old move into a college dorm. Any of these can be daunting when you’re gluten-free. But gluten-free does NOT mean you have to forfeit the business contract, watch the new season of Man Vs. Wild instead of experiencing You Vs. Wild, or fight with your new-adult daughter over dining options, just moments before you leave her alone for the first time. With gluten-free restaurants in all 50 states, you’ll find something for everyone, and you’ll find it everywhere.
  3. Choices. You like your freedom, so reclaim it. Choose where you dine out rather than letting your gluten-free diet dictate where you eat. This guide gives you 6,800 choices – that’s almost 18 restaurants per day for a whole year! You’ll never make it to them all, so take this opportunity to take back your freedom and choose where you eat.
  4. Time. Sometimes you just can’t sift through pages of Yelp results, or take the time to have an in-depth discussion with a chef to really make sure he or she knows everything necessary about gluten-free. When making this guide, we did that for you! And then we wrote it down, and we organized it by state, so your research is quick and easy. Even at restaurants that don’t have gluten-free menus or gluten-free specialty items, you’ll find that your ordering process takes half as long – because we’ve already checked to make sure these people know what they’re talking about when it comes to gluten-free.
  5. FREE SHIPPING. Oops, sorry, this reason is a repeat from last week. But it’s probably important enough to list twice. In fact, I’m sure of it. Because this deal is good only until next Wednesday, August 25th. Save by ordering soon! And, you can apply the free shipping to your whole order, so your grocery guide and dining cards will be sent for free, too. Just use COUPON CODE MK958BL.

So come on, open up your gluten-free world. Give the Restaurant Guide a try. If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back. Guaranteed.

Psst! Do you want the numbers but missed last week’s post? Check it out.

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