Product Review: Moore’s (Gluten-Free) Marinades and Sauces

The website slogan for Moore’s Marinades & Sauces is “Meat Lovers Love Moore’s,” which makes me their target audience. What can I say, I enjoy my proteins way more than I should. So when Moore’s sent us some free samples of their gluten-free marinades and sauces, I took it as the perfect excuse to cook up some steak, chicken, and wings (but not all on the same night!). How did Moore’s gluten-free products fare with this meat lover?

Moore’s Original Marinade


I love that this marinade only takes half an hour – no need to soak my steak overnight! It’s a very thin marinade, so it seeps into the meat easily. One confusing point: Although the packaging alleged that the marinade is now made with less sodium, it tasted very salty. And upon inspection of the label, I noticed that one tablespoon of the marinade accounts for 29% of your daily sodium. I like salt, so I enjoyed my steak nonetheless, but next time I would not add any extra salt to the meat, only cracked pepper. Aside from the saltiness, the marinade had a light hickory flavor which complemented the steak well.

Moore’s Honey BBQ Wing Sauce


Let me just go out and say it: Moore’s Honey BBQ Wing Sauce is one of the best wings sauces I’ve ever had. And I’ve eaten a LOT of wings. The sauce perfectly balances a spicy kick with a sweet sticky flavor, just how I like it. This sauce definitely leaves a slow (but not too intense) burn on your tongue after eating. But this is me talking, and I can’t handle any salsa hotter than mild, so don’t fear – this is not an alarm-bell hot sauce. It also glazed up beautifully during broiling. I was going to save half of my wings for lunch the next day…  but I ended up eating them all before I went to bed (whoops).

Moore’s Teriyaki Marinade


The Teriyaki Marinade was also quite good. The bottle said it could be used on vegetables, so I threw the marinade on some zucchini, as well as chicken breast. This marinade was thicker than the Original Marinade, but like the Original Marinade, it needed only 30 minutes of marinade time, which was really convenient. The marinade had a classic teriyaki flavor which I especially enjoyed on my zucchini!

Overall, I really enjoyed Moore’s marinades and sauces, and I especially recommend the Honey BBQ Wing Sauce. Their GF products include the Original Marinade, the Teriyaki Marinade, the Honey BBQ Wing Sauce, and the Buffalo Wing Sauce. All of the GF products are clearly marked “Gluten Free” on the packaging, so there’s no second guessing. You can visit Moore’s website at

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