I’ve been traveling for a while now. Why? Because I quit my job, left my apartment, and otherwise abdicated most responsibility in favor of immediate enjoyment.

So far, a wise decision. And, it gives me time to write about things I like, like gluten-free food.

When I saw a press release a few weeks ago announcing the imminent US arrival of my dear friend Mrs. Crimble’s, I got excited. After all, Mrs. Crimble’s and I got acquainted as I traveled the highlands of Scotland, and I was starting to miss her.

More specifically, I was starting to miss the chocolate-dipped gluten-free macaroons that I picked up in coffee shops all across the UK. Any time I felt that familiar craving start to come through, it seemed like I had only to think of chocolate and a basket of Mrs. Crimble’s would appear before me, individually-wrapped and ready to eat.

Now, since I first read the press release, a few things have happened:

  • I did some research. Mrs. Crimble’s is no small enterprise. They’ve been around for 20 years and are a major player in the UK’s “free-from” market. Aside from what I saw directly, they also make a variety of gluten-free cookies, cakes, mixes, crackers, etc.
  • I learned that Mrs. Crimble’s is already in the US, but has limited distribution.
  • Not too long ago, they inked a deal with Whole Foods. By now, you should be able to pick up select items at Whole Foods locations in several regions.
  • The kind folks at Belgravia Imports, the distributor responsible for reuniting me with my old friend, sent me a few of their favorite gluten-free Mrs. Crimble’s products to review.

Here are my two favorites:

Mrs. Crimble's MacaroonsMrs. Crimble’s Gluten-free Chocolate Macaroons:

To be fair, I already knew how much I liked these when they arrived in the mail. Big enough to feel like a proper treat, small enough to have two without feeling like a glutton, with just the right ratio of chocolate to coconut. I also like that these macaroons aren’t teeth-achingly sweet, as I feel like some (other) brands sometimes over-sugar their product to mask sub-par ingredients. Instead, they taste fresh and homemade. I haven’t yet seen the individually-wrapped gluten-free macaroons in cafés stateside, but hopefully it’s only a matter of time.

Mrs. Crimble's Cheese Bites

Mrs. Crimble’s Gluten-Free Cheese Bites (multiple flavors):

They manage a seemingly impossible contradiction: although the first ingredient is cheese, the bites taste light and airy. The flavor is subtly and pleasantly cheesy, there’s no icky powdery residue left on your hands after eating, and all of the ingredients are easy to recognize. I could accidentally eat a bag of these really easily, but if I did I wouldn’t feel guilty about it: they’re really quite a responsible way to get a fix of cheese and crunch. The only caveat: they’re a bit fragile, and might not be great for a long road trip or a day at the bottom of your purse.

I can highly recommend either of these to anyone, gluten-free or not. If you live near a Whole Foods that doesn’t yet stock Mrs. Crimble’s – ask! If you’ve had their products – here or abroad – what did you think?