NutThinsSmokehouseI’ve been buying Blue Diamond almonds (naturally gluten-free) – mostly the sea salt flavor and the dark chocolate flavor – for years. Not quite a hundred years, which is how long Blue Diamond has been selling almonds, but years nonetheless.  They’re reasonably healthy snacks – high in protein, high in fats that aren’t quite bad for you (Be careful! They’re also high in calories!), and gluten-free. All of them are gluten-free. Who could ask for more?

Oh, right, we all could. We could also ask that they be great tasting.

And…we’d be blown away by the fact that Blue Diamond snacks are, in fact, somewhat healthy, gluten-free, AND great tasting – a combination you may have previously thought impossible.

Blue Diamond sent us not their famous almonds but their new Nut Thins in six different flavors to commemorate their 100th anniversary. We got Pecan, Smokehouse, Almond, Sea Salt, Barbeque, and Hazelnut. A nice little variety. I’d never tried Nut Thins before, and I was hoping they were just as tasty and worthwhile as the regular almonds.

I wasn’t disappointed.

My personal favorites were the barbeque, but I think other members of our office staff found them a bit salty. They liked the Smokehouse flavor. Both of these were sweet and savory in just the right proportions.

What really made Nut Thins spectacular, though, was their deeply satisfying crunch. Every bite gave me a reason to take the next one. Just like a perfect snack should.

If you’re looking for a (slightly) healthier substitute for potato chips or cheese curls, Blue Diamond has your answer. Though they’re not exactly low in calories (130 in 16 crackers, for the office favorite smokehouse crackers), they do have some redeeming qualities, like 3 grams of protein, which is a more than you get out of your average potato chip. They’ve also got only 4 grams of fat, which is half that of typical potato chips (and, though I’m not a health professional, I’d like to think that some of this fat is the not-so-bad-for-you kind, since it comes from almonds).

So, gluten-free and craving a crunch? Definitely try Blue Diamond’s Nut Thins, and in the process, thank them for 100 years of gluten-free Almond History!