Uncovered! Gluten-free Makeup, Ingredients to Look For

I realized something the other day: living gluten-free is like being trapped in a giant Where’s Waldo – except we’re not looking for a man with a pom-pom hat, we’re looking for invisible particles that make us sick.

It’s much less fun this way, no? Still, being gluten-free is good training for detective work. When we talked about the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the gluten-free community the other week, it turned out that there was some detective work still to be done.

The topic? Make-up. Is there such a thing as gluten-free makeup, and how hard is it to find? Do people with a gluten intolerance really need to worry about which lipstick they buy?

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Kudos to Blue Diamond For Turning 100…and Also for Inventing Nut Thins

NutThinsSmokehouseI’ve been buying Blue Diamond almonds (naturally gluten-free) – mostly the sea salt flavor and the dark chocolate flavor – for years. Not quite a hundred years, which is how long Blue Diamond has been selling almonds, but years nonetheless.  They’re reasonably healthy snacks – high in protein, high in fats that aren’t quite bad for you (Be careful! They’re also high in calories!), and gluten-free. All of them are gluten-free. Who could ask for more?

Oh, right, we all could. We could also ask that they be great tasting.

And…we’d be blown away by the fact that Blue Diamond snacks are, in fact, somewhat healthy, gluten-free, AND great tasting – a combination you may have previously thought impossible.

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Product Review: Mrs. Crimble’s Does America

I’ve been traveling for a while now. Why? Because I quit my job, left my apartment, and otherwise abdicated most responsibility in favor of immediate enjoyment.

So far, a wise decision. And, it gives me time to write about things I like, like gluten-free food.

When I saw a press release a few weeks ago announcing the imminent US arrival of my dear friend Mrs. Crimble’s, I got excited. After all, Mrs. Crimble’s and I got acquainted as I traveled the highlands of Scotland, and I was starting to miss her.

More specifically, I was starting to miss the chocolate-dipped gluten-free macaroons that I picked up in coffee shops all across the UK. Any time I felt that familiar craving start to come through, it seemed like I had only to think of chocolate and a basket of Mrs. Crimble’s would appear before me, individually-wrapped and ready to eat.

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Getting Your Gluten-Free Waffle Fix

Photo courtesy of Barbara Beery Kids Cooking Blog.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Beery Kids Cooking Blog.

Waffles are one of those magical things that have the power to make people happy. Those perfectly ironed squares just waiting for someone with slight neuroses to cut precisely along their lines, the sheer versatility of what can be put on top of a waffle – this is one of the many foods that can be incredibly hard to let go of for those with Celiac Disease. Thankfully, you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved waffles at all now, due to a wide variety of frozen gluten-free waffles and waffle mixes on the market. Be sure to check out Triumph’s Essential Gluten-free Grocery Guide for more frozen waffles and waffle mixes, as well as The Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide to learn which restaurants serve gluten-free waffles near you!

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A Full Plate? Gluten-Free Campuses Help College Students

When I got to college, I already had a year of gluten-free living under my belt. I’d spoken with dining services, and they’d assured me I wouldn’t have a problem eating gluten-free on campus – I could even give them some ideas of foods I’d like to eat, and when I’d be at which dining hall, and they would have a special meal ready for me.

Just to be on the safe side, I smuggled in some contraband: a hot pot, a rice cooker, and a bar mixer.

If you look closely, you'll see signs of my hidden kitchen
If you look closely, you'll see signs of my hidden kitchen

A few weeks in, I’d learned a few things:

  • A bar mixer makes daiquiris just as well as it makes smoothies.
  • You shouldn’t let your new best friends drink daiquiris near your new laptop.
  • Don’t trust the dining hall.

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