Yesterday at 7am, CNN’s food blog, Eatocracy, published an article about gluten (and gluten-free!) on its front page. On the same morning, 1.3 million readers extracted a gluten-free special interest report from the folds of their Chicago Tribunes.

A few weeks ago, Michelle wrote a post on the recent trendiness of the gluten-free diet (check it out to see a video of the Old Spice Guy admitting his tribulations with the gluten-free diet), and Emily covered The Wall Street Journal’s well-intentioned attempt to set the gluten-free record straight.

Here at Triumph, we’re torn about whether all of this coverage is good or bad, and we’ve been bickering about it for weeks. We know that all the hype is giving us more gluten-free options (even the Today show featured gluten-free cupcakes!), but what is it doing to our potential for being glutened? Will we be able to convince restaurants to be extra fastidious in preparing our gluten-free meals, when someone at the next table just claimed to be gluten-free and then asked for soy sauce? Or, will that soy sauce automatically be gluten-free, because it was requested so many times?

There are a couple of different outcomes to this sudden outburst of gluten-free media coverage and celebrity attention (from The Old Spice Guy, Gwenyth Paltrow…maybe more? Stay tuned for next week’s “Celiac on the Red Carpet” post!), and we want to know how you feel about it. Help us settle our in-house score by telling us: Do you think the mainstream media coverage of gluten-free is good or bad?

Share your opinion in the poll, and feel free to expand on your position (or just vent) in our comments section!

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