Celiac Jack loves gluten-free candy!

Celiac Jack loves gluten-free candy!

A safe Halloween is always a happy Halloween.

For most parents, this means carefully combing through each child’s candy haul to ensure each treat is trick-free. But while other parents watch out for dangers like poisons or sharps, the parents of Celiac children must also beware the presence of hidden gluten.

Some candies obviously contain gluten, like Kit Kats, Twix, and other cookie-based treats.

But there are others you might never expect.

A few that surprised me were Crunch bars and Milky Way bars, which contain that pesky barley malt. Whoppers contain barley malt and wheat flour. Twizzlers (I know, it’s so sad!) and Wonka Sweetarts Gummy Bugs and Rope also contain gluten. And while regular Butterfingers do not contain any gluten ingredients, Butterfinger Crisp and Stixx do contain wheat flour.

As depressing as that list is, there are plenty of mainstream, gluten-less candies to give your ghouls and ghosts a Halloween sugar rush. If you have our Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, you’ve probably already hit the candy sales with its expansive listing of gluten-free candies. Here are some other terrific lists I’ve found online:

Of course, it’s always best to double-check ingredient lists and call manufacturers to get the most up-to-date information. These are your kids we’re talking about! But with a little diligence, we can all have a safe, happy, and deliciously gluten-free Halloween!

What gluten-free treats will you be handing out this year?