Full disclosure: I have no idea what the gluten-free bread from Genius tastes like.

A still from the Genius ads

A still from the Genius ads

It’s manufactured by a British company, and not available outside the UK. The bread must be pretty tasty though, because sales are brisk – brisk enough to earn Genius a gluten-free news flash and a fancy title:

First Gluten-free Product to be Advertised on (British) Television

Even if you aren’t traveling to England any time soon, you might enjoy watching the gluten-free ads. Not only are the ads undeniably British, but they feature an Albert Einstein impersonator and sandwiches – what’s not to love?

Genius 1

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Plus, I like the thought of Einstein being on a gluten-free diet. And I like the fact that these ads aren’t really any different from ads for any other sort of food – it’s one more step towards “gluten-free” being a normal, commonplace idea.

Whether or not the ads tickle you like they tickle me, you may want to take a look on Genius’ page of gluten-free recipes. The site is full of ideas for quintessentially British foods – coronation chicken salad, treacle tart, toast soldiers – that are fun to say, fun to make and fun to eat. The recipes are geared to Genius products, of course, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be adapted for whichever gluten-free bread you have on hand.

Which of your favorite gluten-free products would you want to see on TV? Which of your favorite historical geniuses would you want to find out has a gluten intolerance?