A Question of Etiquette: Gluten-free Guests

My friend just got engaged. I am, of course, thrilled for her. We spent some time the other week looking at photos of venues and talking about the merits of round tables versus square and all that fun stuff. It’s good times, but it got me thinking:

What are the rules when you’re a gluten-free guest?

There’s no easy way to fit this into one post, so for now let’s just think about being a guest at a catered party, one that you’re at for social reasons. We’ll get to the other topics – business events, house parties, being the host, etc. – another time.

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Nix the Tricks with Gluten-Free Candy

Celiac Jack loves gluten-free candy!
Celiac Jack loves gluten-free candy!

A safe Halloween is always a happy Halloween.

For most parents, this means carefully combing through each child’s candy haul to ensure each treat is trick-free. But while other parents watch out for dangers like poisons or sharps, the parents of Celiac children must also beware the presence of hidden gluten.

Some candies obviously contain gluten, like Kit Kats, Twix, and other cookie-based treats.

But there are others you might never expect.

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Naturally Gluten-free, Risotto Recipes for all Seasons

Risotto. Say the first half quick, then draw out the “t” – riz-ot-to. Now say, “yum, yes please.” I can’t think of a better food for those in-between seasons days, where it’s just a little cool outside but there’s still plenty of good fresh produce.

Or for those downright cold or rainy days, where just the act of leaving the house requires supernatural motivation.

Or for any day, really. Risotto, I could eat it with a fox, in a box, here or there, anywhere.

Shrimp Risotto

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How To Make Gluten-Free Quiche

Courtesy of www.glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com.
Courtesy of www.glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com.

Quiche is an egg-sellent (sorry, but I had to say it!) way to use up any of the old vegetables, cheese, or meat languishing in your fridge. This hearty anytime meal is also super easy to serve to large groups of people. I like that you can make it the night before; for breakfast, all you have to do is pop the quiche in the oven rather than frying eggs and bacon over a hot griddle. Of course, since quiche is a pie, it is supposed to have a crust, which can be tricky for those on a gluten-free diet. However, a lot of creative cooks have come up with some great ideas for replacing the pie crust with gluten-free alternatives!

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Happy Memories of Halloween, Gluten-Free or Not

What are your childhood Halloween memories?

Mine, in no specific order –

  • Some long-since forgotten girl’s Halloween birthday party, where we bobbed for apples in the backyard
  • Dressing as Wednesday Addams and cutting the head off one of my dolls to complete the costume
  • The neighborhood dentist, who gave out sugar-free candy (lame! And, probably, full of aspartame)
  • Convincing myself that it was OK to be the Farmer’s Wife when four of us wanted to go as the Three Blind Mice
  • Being scared witless by “Jason” on a haunted hay ride

Generally, I guess my memories have less to do with candy than with all the accoutrements – but I wonder how they would have changed, had I been experiencing a gluten-free Halloween.

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