GFPretzelsRemember when Snyder’s started producing gluten-free pretzels certified by the GIG’s Gluten-Free Certification program? So do I. And now, we’ve got another big-name pretzel company on board. Recently, Bachman started making gluten-free pretzels as part of their 3-year-old partnership with Autism Speaks, the largest non-profit organization working toward increased autism awareness.

What’s different about Bachman gluten-free pretzels? Well, they’re shaped like puzzle pieces, mimicking the Autism Speaks logo that has been printed on Bachman packaging since 2008. But even that’s not the most super part. What really sets these pretzels apart is that 5% of the proceeds (from both the regular puzzle pretzels and the gluten-free puzzle pretzels) is donated to the Autism Speaks organization.

Gluten-Free Philly reported on Tuesday that Bachman gluten-free pretzels are free not only of wheat and gluten, but also of casein, soy, and eggs. The blog also noted that the pretzels are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

The gluten-free pretzels are available in packs of six 10-ounce bags, which are sold in stores and at the Bachman webstore.

Though I haven’t had a chance to try these pretzels yet, I’m pretty excited that Bachman is following up their commitment to Autism awareness with gluten-free pretzels. How about you? Have you tried them?

On a related note, I’m curious to know if anyone has experience treating autism spectrum disorders with the gluten-free diet. Have you seen improvements?