Product Review: DR Delish Gluten-free Snacks at Walgreens

If you’ve never found yourself in need of a toothbrush (or some aspirin, or a greeting card) on the streets of Manhattan, you may not be familiar with Duane Reade.

New York City’s largest drugstore chain, Duane Reade has had two big changes in 2010:

  1. They were purchased by Walgreens earlier this year.
  2. They launched a line of store brand food and drink known as Delish.

Why is this relevant for us here at Triumph Dining? Two reasons:

  1. The Delish line contains many clearly-labeled gluten-free options.
  2. It is increasingly available not only in Duane Reade, but in Walgreens nationwide.

The Delish line ranges in price from $3-$7, and includes everything from bottles of seltzer to cookies to jars of salsa. Since the folks at Walgreens were kind enough to send us a few gluten-free snacks to try, I wanted to tell you about my two favorites:

Delish packaging

1. Delish Gluten-free Ginger Snaps: These have a solid gingery flavor to them and aren’t too sweet. Texture – always the bane of a gluten-free baked good – is pleasantly crunchy without being overly crumbly. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t think a gluten-eating person would know that these were “special” cookies.

delish cookies

2. Delish Gluten-free Animal Crackers: OK, so these don’t come in a little circus-car box – but the resealable pouch is definitely easier to transport when you’re on the go. As for the cookies themselves, they have a bit less air than a traditional animal cracker. They reminded me more of butter cookies or a thin shortbread, with a nice crispness to them. Tastewise, I could easily eat more of these than I care to admit. We gave them a dunk in some extra chocolate mousse after Thanksgiving, with great success.

Have you encountered any of the Delish line in your local Walgreens? If so, what did you think?

25 thoughts on “Product Review: DR Delish Gluten-free Snacks at Walgreens”

  1. I got really sick (glutened) from eating the Animal Cookies this past Monday night :( I’m incredibly disappointed as they were delicious. However, I didn’t get sick from the Ginger Cookies. Maybe it’s a volume thing? I ate a LOT of the animal cookies. Has anyone else experienced this? I checked the label and it said that it was processed in a facility that also processes wheat, blah blah blah– I don’t know. RATS

  2. They do look like the Mi-Del’s. I haven’t seen them in Los Angeles yet, but Trader Joe’s has the GF Ginger Snaps…and they are only 1.99 for the same size bag as the Mi-Del’s!

  3. I tried the Ginger Snaps and really enjoyed them. Was a bit concerned that they weren’t produced in GF facility, but didn’t have any problems. Would like to try the Animal Crackers next.

  4. I cannot stop eating DR Delish Drizzles!! What are these? They are like rice cakes with heaven smeared on them. I am liking this Walgreens!

  5. I have had both cookies … I threw away the gingersnaps — i would never throw cookies away. This would be a first for me.

    The animal crackers — they are ok but prefer other brands. However it is nice to have an option.

  6. The Animal crackers are amazing!!!!!! I think they taste like my favorite sweet treat (prior to my Celiac diagnosis) – shortbread (butter) cookies. The texture, in my opinion, puts Mi-Del’s dry crumbles to shame. I was ecstatic when trying these, and will be watching my local Walgreens stores for the Ginger snaps to try as well. If they are to compare with the animal crackers (cookies!) I will surely eat a couple of pounds of them when I find them. :) Awesome!

  7. I am soooo happy for my son (10) this time of the year is always pretty hard for him….I will go and look for the cookies right now! Thanks

  8. I LOVE these cookies! In fact, I used the ginger snaps at Thanksgiving to make the crust for mini cheesecakes! It’s nice to see DR and Walgreen’s get more press about this product. Maybe they’ll introduce other kinds of cookies too.

  9. These Dr delish ginger snaps are crack. I just bought 3 more bags tonight. They are the best ginger snaps I have ever eaten. I am starting to have withdraw symptoms.

  10. The animal crackers are fabulous! Unfortunately, my local Walgreens in Annapolis, MD has clearanced these and no longer has any. The manager has no idea if they will get more!

  11. I bought several bag of the animal crackers.My God daughter 10 months old and the rest of my family loved them.I also sent some ina care packege to my nephew who also loved them.My sister called to see if I could tell her where i found them.I live n Texas and she lives in Indiana.Shes on the hunt for them at her Walgreens now. Great little cookies!!

  12. Bought the Ginger Snaps on Walgreen markdowns last fall. Now that I’ve tried them, wish I had bought all they had (marked down to about $1/bag). Was not concerned about gluten free aspect, just that they were Ginger Snaps CHEAP! Turns out they were good too!

  13. Delish Animal Crackers are so good. They’re delicious, and they have a great texture. Just bought the last 2 bags at my Walgreen’s.

  14. I recently experienced the Ginger snapes in NYC. I live in Houston, Texas and would live to purchase them. They were absolutely the best Ginger Snape cookie iv ever had i. Wherw can i purchase in Texas?

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