Gluten-Free Restaurant Alert: TGI Friday's GF Menu

Remember last week, when I mentioned TGI Friday’s gluten-free menu and promised more information?

Well here it is. I’m very pleased to be able to share with you the TGI Friday’s Allergen Menu, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Click here to download the PDF!

As you can see, the menu covers the top eight allergens, including wheat. They also indicate which items have MSG added to them. The last page is a listing of which items are gluten-free, and how to order them to make them safe to eat.

It’s not an overwhelmingly large selection — much of the menu is fundamentally wheaty, after all — but what is listed can be eaten with reasonable confidence. A disclaimer on the menu reminds diners that there are shared prep areas. Since cross-contamination remains a concern, you’ll still want to bring your dining card along and make sure to explain your needs to your server each time.

Have you been to TGI Friday’s since they introduced their new gluten-free menu? If so, what did you think of it?

18 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Restaurant Alert: TGI Friday's GF Menu”

  1. This menu is disappointing but not all that surprising. It amazes me that TGI Friday’s has waited so long to release ANY info about the food that they serve.

    Some of this menu looks a bit questionnable to me. It is surprising, for example, that blue cheese salad dressing (wedge salad) is on their list of safe foods.

    The list is still meat (mostly unseasoned) and mashed potatoes. I really wish restaurants would get a bit more creative. If they simply prepared fresh food (without processed ingredients), life would be much easier for those of us who need to avoid gluten.

  2. Unfortunalely, most Chain restaurants have the food prepped at a centrallocation. All they have to do is heat up the food. When I asked a popular chain restaurant what was in sauce on the tri- tip the server came back and said the cook did not know what was in the sauce because it was in a pouch, the cook just opens it and there were no ingedrients listed on the bag!
    I feel this is a crime to serve food and have no idea of the ingriedents!

    I would love to eat out at a restaurant, but tired of getting sick later. Thanks for the cards, they will help.

  3. I can’t believe it…..finally….Friday’s is a bit more gluten friendly. It is unbelievable that it took them this long. I, and many others, contacted them almost 2 years ago….

  4. They call it a “gluten menu” instead of a gluten free menu. I don’t think I’d trust them enough to eat there just based on that! There isn’t a symbol for gluten on that first page, either, only wheat. I’m a picky eater who enjoys fish, pasta, turkey, or chicken (I don’t care for shrimp, ribs, wings, or steak) and they don’t offer any of those things on their GF menu. However, I’m impressed that they’re finally starting to address common allergens in the food they serve. That is a long awaited change from them.

  5. I was very disappointed with the Fridays menu. I walked in and walked out after viewing it. There seemed to be nothing w/out wheat in it. Except for bland meats and maybe a few salads. I would much rather go to another chain restaurant like Outback, Carrabbas or Burton’s Grille and have a good meal!

  6. This menu is disappointing like other have said. It doesn’t appear that they have tried very hard. They just lumped their steaks together and a few salads. In other words, foods that are naturally gluten free to begin with. They need to try a little harder than that. Like gluten free versions of items that aren’t already gf.

  7. @Ken Milstead – I believed as you did that blue cheese is on the restricted list of foods for gluten intolerant people. However, I have since learned (after contacting Cheeseburger in Paradise and doing some research) that many blue cheeses are now being made without bread mold. They use a chemical starter because it’s easier to control the mold growth. However, even blue cheese made from mold grown on gluten, showed less than 1 part per million (ppm) in laboratory tests. Most products, in order to be labeled “gluten-free” have to have less than 20 ppm. See the following article:

  8. This isn’t breaking news…it’s a long list of “don’ts” with a token offering of the same stripped down entrees we’ve all seen elsewhere.

  9. i will not be eating here!!!! too many problems with the allergen and gluten free menu! looks like it was designed for gluten free dieters…not people with celiac disease!! do these restaurants know the difference??!! :(

  10. The baby back ribs with the symbols show they contain wheat but the baby back ribs are listed in the “Gluten Menu”. So are they GF or not??? Confusing.

  11. please support independent, owner operated restaurants that are much better at catering to your special dietary needs…we are proud that we are so careful and ingredient conscious as well as being sticklers about cross-contamination….we need your help to stay alive in a down economy….we need you and you need us…if you have a great experience at a restaurant, let others know about it….

  12. My 10 year old daughter has celiac disease as well as my husband. We love P.F. Changs. they have a great gluten free menu. It bothers us when we go out and eat, and the restaurant says GF, you look at the menu, it reads, burger without bun, salad or grilled chicken. which is fine because it’s healthy. It’s never a real menu. where’s the pasta dishes? also for kids who love to eat out. Where’s the mac & cheese and chicken fingers? the restaurant’s don’t understand. they need to put GF items on kids menu’s so they can be part of it as well!! The whole menu needs to be more accommodating for celiac’s.

  13. Ate there this noon, cheeseburger w/o bun and a salad with a supposedly safe dressing. Suppose it was cross contamination since I knew I was glutened within the hour. Made for a miserable afternoon.

  14. Since finding out about the Allergy Menu at TGIF’s with Gluten Free items in it, I have been to three TGIF’s for the wings! The food was great! The downside was that with all three locations I went to, only one could actually provide me with the menu. The staff did not seem to be well informed about this menu as to if they had one or where to locate it. TGIF definitely needs to do more training to bring everyone up to date.

  15. Fridays is one of the worst chain restaurants in terms of allergy menus and overall awareness or concern. It’s been years since I have been, for this reason. To Stacy, Anne, and others: I assure you they only have a, “gluten” menu for the dieters. Gluten-free is a trend, and they want to be on board with that. But no, they did not do this because they care about those who actually can’t tolerate gluten.

    My son has a dairy allergy (among others), and the last time we ate there was when we tried to get information about food he could eat. They did not try, did not care, and basically would just assume not deal with us because we are a small demographic that won’t hit their pocketbooks if we stop coming.

    It’s not just Fridays, but Fridays has been the worst I have encountered. Now, they only care about gluten because of the trend, just like the some restaurants only have decent dairy-free options for the vegans! But the vegans help my son eat at restaurants better (though he eats meat, just not the dairy), so more power to them!

  16. You know, I found out nearly 5 years ago about my gluten intolerance.I had given up on ever eating out again. Now, I get very excited when I find a restaurant that has a decent selection of GF meals. BUT, I have NEVER expected any restaurant to cater to my special needs.
    To expect any restaurant to cater to every special need is insane. It’s expensive and risky. I would like to see more appreciation at the attempts of some restaurants to make the effort, rather than complaining about those that can’t.
    TGIF is all about junk food anyway. Find someplace more healthy to eat.

  17. I was at TGI Fridays recently and asked for a gluten free menu. I was extremely disappointed in the offerings… Basically beef, beef, beef, or shrimp drowning in butter. Typically, I have found spinach and artichoke dips at most restaurants to be GF, and when I asked the waitress why theirs was not GF, she have me attitude and said ‘the chips’ like I was an idiot. I replied that the menu said they were corn chips, not flour tortillas. Then I asked about the ribs being GF, since they had BBQ sauce on them, which frequently contains gluten. Again attitude. She said ‘The menu is accurate, but I will ask the chef just for you’ and literally grabbed the menu from my hand. She came back and said ‘Ya, the sauce is fine’. Meanwhile, I had looked up the sauce ingredients on my iPhone, which included soy sauce.
    I ended up ordering nothing, and had only a glass of wine. This whole experience makes me wonder of TGI Fridays knows what gluten and Celiac disease are, and how inadequately they train their waitstaff on food allergens and customer service.

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