Kwanzaa: Gluten-Free, Easy, Delicious

The other day I realized that I don’t know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa. Or, at least, I don’t know that anyone I know celebrates Kwanzaa. Given that I know people who celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day, this is pretty lame on my part.

It also means that I didn’t know what foods one eats to celebrate – and this was a problem. Foods I don’t know about? A problem.


Internet to the rescue, and I was happy to learn that most typical Kwanzaa dishes are either naturally gluten-free or very easy to alter. I was even happier when I pictured myself eating them on a winter night: although these recipes have roots in Africa, they sound perfect for colder climes.

Here are some great-looking recipes, naturally gluten-free, that I plan to make sometime soon:

And, for a quick primer on Kwanzaa in general, there’s a handy FAQ on the holiday’s official web page. Am I about to become the first person I know to celebrate Kwanzaa? You betcha. As soon as word gets out about the menu, though, I suspect I’ll have some friends over ready to join in the fun.

As always, you can check for gluten-free ingredients to make these recipes in our grocery guide.

If you celebrate Kwanzaa, what sort of recipes do you like to prepare?

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