Gluten-free Contests: Prizes Galore

Holidays are hectic, yes. But they’re also expensive – which is why today’s post is dedicated to free things.


OK, OK. You’re right. Nothing in life is free. But there are a few gluten-free contests this time of year, each promising a different bevy of wonderful treats to the lucky winner(s). If you’ve already worked out some new gluten-free holiday recipes, you’ve got nothing to lose submitting them around, right?

who doesn't like winning?
who doesn't like winning?

1. Glutino Pretzel Possibilities Contest is asking for your favorite way to eat Glutino Pretzel Twists. The contest closes on January 14, and winners receive varying amounts of Glutino products.

The catch: You need an iPhone or Android phone, and you need to download an app called Stickybits.

2. Made Just Right and Whole Foods are curious for cake recipes – gluten-free or gluten-full – that includes at least one Earth Balance product. The contest closes on December 26, and winners receive Earth Balance projects. One lucky winner will get a Whole Foods gift certificate to the tune of $400.

The catch: You need to sign up for a profile on the Made Just Right website.

3. Crunchmaster Crackers and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness are looking for a gluten-free dip or dish that uses Crunchmaster crackers as an ingredient or compliment. Last day to enter is January 1, and there are cash and cracker prizes for the winners. Everyone who enters gets a free bag of gluten-free crackers, too.

The catch: I can’t seem to find one. Free crackers!

What gluten-free companies would you like to see stage a competition?

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