Everyone have a nice Christmas weekend, I hope?

Here’s some sweet news just in time for 2011:

Post® Pebbles — of the Cocoa and Fruity varieties, at least — have long been considered a safe food for celiacs. They’re rice-based, and contain no gluten-containing ingredients, plus they’re produced on a dedicated line (though not in a dedicated facility). You can check out this thread on gluten-free Cocoa Pebbles on celiac.com for additional verification.

These Bedrock Boulders are gluten-free

These Bedrock Boulders can be made gluten-free

The good news is that as of 2011, Post is doing two things to make both Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles a more enticing cereal choice.

Firstly, they’re reducing the amount of sugar — by how much, it’s not clear. Secondly, they’re getting gluten-free certification. They won’t need to make any changes to the ingredients, so I imagine that the cereal will taste just the same — there will just be some checks in place to make sure cross-contamination isn’t an issue. It’s unclear right now which organization is providing the certification, but that news should be cleared up quite soon.

As always, you can check your grocery guide for other gluten-free cereals on the marketplace. Given how expensive a lot of the dedicated gluten-free cereal is, this is an exciting change to the lineup. While I don’t have kids who require feeding, and don’t really like cereal as a breakfast food for myself, I do occasionally like something sweet and crunchy. Cocoa Pebbles fit the bill before, but now they fit the bill even more so.

Post has a searchable database of cereal recipes on their website that includes many gluten-free options. You can also add the cereal to yogurt or ice cream for an added texture.

A quick note: Post also makes two other kinds of Pebbles, Cupcake and Marshmallow. The Cupcake Pebbles contain no gluten ingredients, but the Marshmallow Pebbles have wheat flour. MSNBC’s post on the new Pebbles mentions neither, which leads me to believe that their sugar content will be unchanged and that the Cupcake Pebbles will not be initially monitored for gluten.

Do you eat Pebbles? If so, which flavor do you like? Aside from putting them in a bowl with milk, what do you do with them?