Gym-lovers Rejoice: Protein-Rich Chocolaty Goodness

Chocolaty, chewy protein-rich bars.
Chocolaty, chewy protein-rich bars.

Every proper athlete/gym aficionado worth his or her salt knows that it takes more than 30 minutes of daily cardio to properly supplement an active lifestyle.  Replenishing necessary nutrients after a workout has been great simplified with the production of nutrition bars – most of which are not safe for those on gluten-free diets.  Primarily made of soy, oats, or wheat byproducts, protein and nutrition bars generally contain any number of irritating ingredients.

Gluten-free fitness and health buffs can find protein-rich on-the-go goodness from a slightly different source, however.  Fullbar®, a company that primarily manufactures weight-loss products, makes chocolaty snacks they’ve dubbed “Truffulls.”

Truffulls are surprisingly high in protein and fiber at 8 and 5 grams, respectively.  Plus, their two available flavors, chocolate-caramel and chocolate-mint, taste pleasantly like actual chocolate chews.  These double-packed goodies can satisfy a nagging sweet tooth and pack perfectly in a gym bag.

An important note, however: although they’re advertised as being “100% gluten-free” on the packaging, Truffulls are manufactured in a factory that also processes wheat and milk.  Therefore, individuals with extreme gluten-sensitivity should stay clear.

Has anyone else ever tried Truffulls?  How do they compare to other gluten-free nutrition bars?

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