The Many Gluten-Free Joys of Mayonnaise

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Maybe it’s my southern roots, but I adore mayonnaise to the point where I can’t even eat “dry” sandwiches anymore. Many brands are gluten free, the basic ingredients being eggs, oil, and vinegar. (Distilled vinegar is a touchy subject in the gluten-free world, but it is generally regarded as safe for most people with Celiac.)

The Gluten-Free Grocery Guide can help you find brands of mayonnaise that have been identified as gluten-free. You can also make your own mayo at home, using this gluten-free mayonnaise recipe from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef.

One pitfall to avoid with mayo is that, being a condiment, it’s subject to contamination if gluten-eaters swipe mayo on their bread and then stick the crumby knife back in the jar. Having a designated “gluten-free” jar or using a squeezable container can help avoid that issue.

Mayonnaise has so many uses in the kitchen! Everyone has their own family favorites of these classic mayo-based salads, but here are a few gluten-free recipes you can try at home:

  1. Potato salad: Gluten Blog has this recipe for Gluten-Free Potato Salad that’s great for those on a budget.
  2. Egg salad: This gluten-free recipe for classic egg salad can be found at Gluten-Free by Nature.
  3. Tuna salad: Gluten Free Bay has this recipe for gluten-free Herbed Balsamic Tuna Salad.
  4. Chicken salad: Gluten Free Mommy has this recipe for gluten-free chicken salad with red grapes and tomatoes.
  5. Pasta Salad: Book of Yum has this great recipe for gluten-free Summery Macaroni Salad with a crunch.
  6. Coleslaw: This recipe for gluten-free red cabbage Summer Coleslaw is from Gluten Free Cooking School.

    Image courtesy of Gluten-Free Cooking School.
    Image courtesy of Gluten-Free Cooking School.
  7. Aioli: Aioli is a garlic spread often made with mayonnaise in the U.S. This gluten-free aioli recipe from Living Without’s online collection of recipes is quite simple and is recommended for use on crab cakes.

Anyone have any other great recipes for any of these mayonnaise-based salads? (Also, anyone have a gluten-free mayo cake recipe to share?) We’d love to hear from you in our comments section!

2 thoughts on “The Many Gluten-Free Joys of Mayonnaise”

  1. But its not egg-free. : ( I CRAVE egg salad so much! I do use a great vegan mayo, but, again…no eggs for egg salad.

  2. I make a Mirale Whip cake all the time ,it is fantastic. if u cant have eggs then u make ur own salad or mayo . i grew up with my recipe all i did was convert our family recipe and fix for everyone most dont pay any attention especially if i dont eat any in front of anyone then they all eat it. mind over matter lol

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