Subway Goes Gluten-Free? New Menu Tries out Texas

Up until now, a gluten-free diet has meant that Subway is pretty much off limits – except for soda and chips.

This might, might, might change – starting today.

are these your new best friends?
are these your new best friends?

If you live in the Dallas or Tyler, Texas area, your local Subway might have some new menu options. According to QSRweb, Subway’s gluten-free menu is being tested in these two markets. If it’s successful, expect a national roll-out to eventually follow.

So what can we expect to see from this popular purveyor of bread-bread-bread?

Subway will be offering gluten-free brownies and gluten-free bread (upon which any sub could of course be built). They’ve reportedly organized several procedures, which should ensure a safe experience for gluten-free diners:

  • Each gluten-free roll and brownie is individually wrapped.
  • Each gluten-free sub will be made using a new knife, also individually wrapped.
  • Each gluten-free sub will be prepped by only one “sandwich artist” all the way down the assembly line, to minimize chances of cross-contamination.
  • Other unspecified steps are being taken to minimize cross-contamination risks in general.
  • Subway staff in the test markets have been trained on the specific requirements of gluten-free customers.

Subway is the most popular chain in the country, so if this menu kicks in it will mean thousands upon thousands of newly safe dining options for the gluten-free community.

What do you think of the initiative? Were you a fan of Subway subs before you stopped eating gluten? Do you trust Subway to provide you with a safe meal, given the above protections?

If you live in the test markets and visit a Subway for a gluten-free sandwich, please tell us about your experience in the comments!

UPDATE: Many of you have raised questions in the comments regarding the gluten-free status of Subway’s meats and sandwich fillings in general. Your is a great place to look for info — but just in case you don’t have it handy, here’s a PDF of Subway’s gluten-free ingredients.

175 thoughts on “Subway Goes Gluten-Free? New Menu Tries out Texas”

  1. This excites me and makes me nervous all at the same time. Prior to my celiac diagnosis, I would frequent subway for a veggie sandwich or chicken breast sandwich. It was so easy! If they can make this program successful and prevent cross contamination, I’ll be a customer!

  2. While I will never become a Subway regular, it sure would be nice to have a gluten-free option while traveling. I am thankful that mainstream restaurants are beginning to understand the importance of having gluten-free options and how to avoid cross-contamination, but I’m very nervous about trusting the “sandwich artists”. You’d better believe I’ll be watching them like a hawk the first time I’m brave enough to order a gluten-free sub.

  3. This makes me sooo excited!! I hope it goes national so I can travel & not have to worry about where I’m gonna eat. I loved Subway before I became gfree. Kuddos to subway

  4. OMG…a decent sub is one of the things I miss the most since going GF! I hope they can replicate the texture of a “normal” sub roll! Can’t WAIT to see how this test turns out!

  5. The Subway by our house is fantastic. We bring our own bread and they are very accommodating. They change their gloves, use fresh knives, wipe off the counters before making our sandwiches and even give us a discount since we don’t use their bread!

    I love Subway and would go even more often if they had bread for us!!!

  6. Ditto Angie. I am really sensitive so just do not chance restaurant food. traveling means packing everything, a LOT of effort and hassle. i would love it if SW can pull this off, and it sounds like they looked into it far enough to know about handling problems. Their lawyers hopefully will do the rest to make them careful. i sure hope this flies, i’ll be there a lot, in home town and away.

  7. This is great news and I hope the test market in Texas is a success. I also hope that Subway realizes they need to “load” the GF sandwich with items directly from a clean bin, not the same one that the other preparers have dipped their plastic gloves into.

  8. I just ate at Subway twice last weekend as it was the only lunch option near the conference I was attending. Making the sandwich into a salad was fine but I am SO excited that GF sandwiches are becoming available. THANK YOU SUBWAY!

  9. I used to love Subway before being diagnosed with Celiac. I hope they make the change would love to eat there again! If they give us options maybe other fast food chains will follow. Wish these changes would come up to Canada.

  10. I used to be a Subway regular before going gluten free. This would be totally awesome! However, if this goes national you can bet that I’ll be watching the subway artist like a hawk to make sure there is no cross contamination. Yeah Subway for finally venturing out!

  11. I am so hoping that this is a huge success! My husband is gluten intolerant and he used to love to get Subway sandwiches. But since his diagnosis, he has not been able to enjoy them. Can’t wait til gf comes to California!

  12. This makes me soooooooooo happy! I don’t live in Texas, I live in Arkansas, but I hope the gf bread will come here. Before I found out I had celiac disease, i probably ate at Subway atleast twice a week. Not gettting to eat at Subway was one of the harder things I dealt with after going gluten-free. I hope it works out!!!

  13. I would love this and I hope they implement it in all the Subway restaurants. I love sandwiches and I miss being able to just go grab a sub. The Jimmy John’s chain offers an ‘Unwich’ which is a lettuce wrap sub. It’s an awesome substitution but not the same as BREAD!!! 😀

  14. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable eating at Subway even with gluten free precautions. The thing is that the workers are usually paid minimum wage and in my experience are just not dedicated/invested/interested in the job to be careful enough to avoid cross-contamination. In an environment so heavily bread laden I’d be concerned. I suppose if it becomes more main stream and there is a lot of positive feedback I’d be willing to try it. And I would love to have somewhere safe to eat while traveling etc. I hope it works for them, that they expand it to other markets, and other franchises follow their lead.

  15. Subway will make any sandwich into a salad and has at least two GF dressings, so we’ve never stop going to Subway. Hopefully, the GF bread will be tasty, and add to our menu choices.

  16. Crossing my fingers here!!!! This will make a tremendous difference for GF high schoolers who get cheated on class trips and sports outings. Jimmie Johns has been the only sandwich option around our area and they are not conveniently located.

  17. My husband and I used to eat at Subway all the time when we were traveling before I went gluten free. I am so hoping this works, and gives up back the option of getting a sandwich for the road again!

  18. This will blow my husbands socks off!!! He said if given the oppertunity to be without Celiac Disease for just ONE DAY…a Subway sandwich would be one of the first things he would endulge in!!! :) Can’t wait to share the news with him!

  19. For the biggest fast food chain to offer the most substantial gluten free fast food options (Taco Bell comes close, but the cross contamination worries are greater than what Subway’s considering) seems like a no-brainer way to win a loyal dedicated customer base, in addition to the tons of business they already attract. I hope Subway sees it that way.

  20. As the parent of two teens, I’d be this. They would have a much easier time when out with their friends and family. Subway, please bring glue free bread to SEATTLE!

  21. Congratulations to Subway for stepping up to the gluten-free plate and spending the time and money to do this. It is great to see a large, reputable chain like Subway recognizing that people who cannot eat gluten get really tired of restaurants offering salads as their only GF options. How accommodating is that? Thank you, Subway! We live in Indiana and hope it happens soon here, too! Texans, go to Subway and order LOTS of GF subs!!!!!!!!

  22. I would love to eat at Subway again! Please, please, please roll this out nationwide. I live across the street from Subway; here in the southeast. I used to eat at Subway once a week before being diagnosed with Celiac 3 years ago. As long as high standards are kept for preparation I would definitely eat there again.

  23. to have a sub once in a while sounds good but i hope the roll is not too
    thick or dry.condiments will help to sounds good i hope that if it’s
    not to our liking that the company will make adjustments to satisfy

  24. Good News! But what kind of meat do they use?! No one seems to say anything about that!! Is it gluten free meats? Cheese? What about the mayo? Lots to think about here, since most deli meats are not gluten free!

  25. My husband and I can tolerate a minimal amount of cross contamination and would love the opportunity to eat at Subway. We live in the Dallas/Tyler area and will definitely try this out. My daughter, however, cannot tolerate even the least amount, so we would not be comfortable with the food coming from the same containers even if new gloves are used. Crumbs are almost certain to travel ..

  26. I fired off an e-mail to the corporation asking them to extend the program so we can all benefit from it. I’d like to suggest that all of you do the same thing. There is power in numbers. I haven’t heard back from them yet but did get an e-mail confirming their receipt of my e-mail. Just go the web site and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is information there on contacting them.

  27. OK for gluten free bread, but what about the meats? So much lunch meat out their has gluten in it. I’ve never even tried to eat at sub shops because I don’t trust the meat they use!! I don’t hear anyone voicing concerns about this. ALso, what annoys me, is commonly “gluten-free” items contains other highly allergenic items such as corn and soy. It irritates me that so much gluten-free is still made with the top allergenic items. I’m sensitive to corn, so this makes it very difficult for me. I’m sure many celiacs are also allergic to multiple items bacuase their guts have been compromised and that has allowed other allergies to prevail. Something to condsider. Gluten-free is NOT just a fad, but a real problem for some of us.

  28. I agree with CatieP. They would have to have a separate deli area also because there will be gluten bread crumbs in the deli meat/fixings. I hope they will invest the time in informing/training their employees in safe handling practices. I am highly sensitive and honestly would be very hesitant about trying it.

  29. I have never had a problem with cross contamination with salads and am very excited for the possibility of making meal choices on the go easier. I love Subway and loved the subs before going gluten free.

  30. My son and husband, who have celiac, would be so excited if Subway rolls this out. So would by daughter and I because we can’t go to Subway if they are with us!!
    Kudos to Subway!

  31. This is great news! Wish the tests were in Houston! Hopefully other restaurants will follow suit quickly. Thanks for the information!

  32. I would be excited. However, I am a bit leary as it goes beyond the bread and cross contamination….Their grilled chicken breasts are breaded and other meats contain gluten too. Are the rest of the ingredients gluten free too?

  33. If this true I couldn’t be happier. They must put TONGS in the ingredients in front of them, however, since the workers touch the bread and then touch the condiments. NOT ok. I’ve brought my own bread to Subway a few times with good results. There will always be some CC though :(

  34. In Minnesota, Subway gets a lot of competition from the Jimmy John’s chain. Not only do they deliver, but they have long offered a lettuce-wrapped “unwich” and they train their staff to prep it gluten-free. Love the tuna salad with alfalfa sprouts!

  35. I used to be in Tyler, now wishing I was back there! I cannot wait for all Subways to have the gluten free subs. Miss the bread since diagnosed with celiacs and loving all the places making things available. (UNOs, Outback, Wendy’s having potatos and chili that’s delicious, Chipotle) :)

  36. I am very excited. I did have a tuna salad at Subway and did get sick because they used the same scoop in the tuna for the sandwiches as the salad and it was contaminated – which is a big issue and I am VERY sensitive. But if they keep the ingredients in a separate place too, than I will be a regular again.

  37. I eat out a lot, but would never consider Subway because you can see the bread crumbs sprinkled across the entire sandwich prep area and around all of the food bins. The ingredients would definitely have to come from a different area and not from the same containers used to make “real” subs. That’s a lot to ask when there’s a line – probably wouldn’t do it.

  38. I have always loved subway’s subs, but your article does not mention if the
    various meats, chicken and cheese are gluten free. So far the only deli
    meats that I have found to be gluten free are Boar’s Head and Hebrew National. What brand of these products does Subway use?

  39. This sounds fantastic! However they do need to use separate meats, condiments, pretty much everything to avoid cross contamination! My son who has celiac would love this but I am not sure I am willing to let him try. It is nice that the food industry is finally understanding that those with Celiac need options, but if they are not educated in cross contamination there is no point!

  40. Aloha Texan!. Saddle up and order your GF subs! We are all counting on you to get this thing National. Very limited GF choices here in the Islands, and Maui needs an Ono GF Subway! Mahalo & Aloha :)

  41. Subway was always our favorite stop until I developed my gluten intolerence. My while family would be thrilled if we could put Subway on our menu again!

  42. Subway was always our favorite stop until I developed my gluten intolerence. My whole family would be thrilled if we could put Subway on our menu again!

  43. I’ve eaten a salad at Subway since I’ve been gluten free and haven’t gotten glutened. I explained to the staff my problem, and I had one person wait on me from beginning to end each time, and they always put on new gloves. I always have oil and vinegar so they wouldn’t be double dipping a knife in a condiment. It was good.
    After having this positive experience I would try it.
    I did always make sure they were not taking bread out of the oven when I was there. I can’t imagine how that could stop contamination when their ovens are up counter height, when they take the bread out, out will fly the crumbs and if someone happens to be making a GF sandwich at that time….oops.
    I might would try it. But I’m pretty picky about my bread.
    I think my husband would like it if I could eat at Subway now and again.

  44. Yahoo!!!!! When we go back roading we practically lived on subway sandwiches before my diagnosis..I really miss Subway. I have had to resort to having my sandwiches made into “chef salads” and I so miss the bread.
    I hope they can work out the cross contamination issues. Lucky for me, a small amount of wheat does not bother my allergy…so if they get a GC bread that really works and tastes good I’ll be back…can’t wait for it to come to the pacific northwest!!

  45. I would love to be able to eat at Subway again. A few things worry me about keeping it safe for gluten free people. The people in my area who work at Subway are not well trained and the problem with cross contamination would be large. Most of the establishments are small and you would have to wait in line for a longer period of time in order to get the ONE person trained in the gluten free way. Also they only have one long wooden board to make sandwiches on so they would have a big problem with cross contamination.

  46. I ate at the Tyler Subway on Loop 323 today. They did have gluten free bread, and seemed concientious in terms of contamination. They did not have signs up letting you know thatthey had gluten free as an option – I had to ask. They said today was the second day and that yesterday they had sold one sandwich…

  47. The one thing I truely miss is eating hoagies! This would be awesome. I hope others decide to follow along so that us Celiacs are no longer left behind.

  48. I don’t eat out that much anymore because it’s too hard to find food I like. I was always a fan of Subway and really miss it. I hope you will make the change so everyone can benifit!!

  49. I hope that the new gluten free menu being offered at Subways in Texas is SUCCESSFUL, because it would be a boon to those of us needing to eat gf around the country. Since being diagnosed with celiac sprue 10 years ago, I have avoided all Subway restaurants, not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t want to eat healthy food that was “contaminated” with gluten. Hopefully the servers will be trained to avoid cross-contamination, and will serve customers with care. Subway would acquire many “new” customers!

  50. They should test in California where gluten-free is not only desperately needed, but also it’s become quite a fad here. I’m not sure they will be able to avoid cross-contamination (workers probably will not take it that seriously), but I’ve been a fan of Subway for years and am excited about this.

  51. Hope they can figure this out and eliminate any chances of cross contamination. Unfortunately, they have to think about the staff changing gloves between the customers, the bread crumbs on the counter and how they fall off onto the wrappers as they are all in same pile. The containers in which the meat and condiments are stored must be separate from other orders. Any double dipping of the same utensil into a product such as tuna will expose the entire product. If you order a sandwich to be toasted it will use the same toaster as other breads. I hope that this would become a National thing for the benefit of all Celiac customers as my daughter wishes she could eat like everyone else does.

  52. I really hope the gluten free option is a success. We are in California and it would be so great for my husband who right now can only have a salad, drinks and some chips at Subway!! I am hoping it catches like wildfire!!

  53. I would love to be able to eat at Subway again. It was one of my husband’s and my favorite restaurants. We eat out a lot and this would provide us with another, very accessible option (since Subways are everywhere!) for eating healthy! As a celiac, my biggest concern is cross contamination. I think the ONLY way that this could work is if there were two separate lines for sandwich making. Cross contamination not only occurs with utensils and the bread board, but also with hands. If a worker has touched bread with their hands (which they do), then puts their hands into a each of the meat, cheese, and vegetable bins, then it is over…gluten has already been spread into the bin (i.e., crumbs from their hands/gloves from touching the bread have now dropped into the bins and and scattered throughout the lettuce, onions, etc.). I’m also concerned with the fact that gluten free is becoming “popular” and that many people choose to eat GF for other reasons (but they don’t require the same level of care as celiacs because they can ingest some gluten and be OK – whereas celiacs cannot even have a crumb…ever…for life). The good side of this is that there is a greater audience/need for GF items/restaurants. But the bad side is that some restaurants/servers may not understand the extreme degree of caution necessary for celiacs. Lately, I’ve been asked questions such as “how severe is your allergy?” and heard comments like “there is only a little gluten, so you should be OK, unless you are very sensitive.” This is not good, because for anyone with celiac, gluten should be considered as “rat poison” – I always ask servers “how much rat poison would you want on your food?”

  54. I am very happy to hear of the possibility of adding Subway back into my lunch list. I frequented Subway before dx of gluten intolerance. I would be concerned if I was a celiac dx with cross contamination. Go Subway!!!

  55. I loved Subway and was there several times a week before I had to go gluten free. I hope this comes to the East Coast soon!

  56. Please please please bring gluten free menus to the entire nation! I used to love eating at Subway and haven’t eaten there since I was diagnosed with Celiac disease one year ago.

  57. I would definitely eat at Subway again given their bread and meats are gluten free! I can lower my standards on produce every once in awhile…oh how I miss the smell of their bread baking! Ooo, and their chocolate chip cookies! Mmmmmmm

  58. This is nice for the gluten sensitive, but I am not sure that this will ever be safe for Celiacs – they are constantly touching the bread and putting their hands into the containers of meat, cheese, etc – cross contamination is an issue.

  59. Fantastic thanks for trying the gluton free diat. It would be wonderful to eat out and not have to worry about getting sick. I hope this business adventure works for all of us!

    Thank you from kay and daughter Joy from WV.

  60. this would be wonderful, but my concern would be the meats/cheeses/veggies being contaminated while making all the regular subs. I think they would need to have separate containers for each meat/topping just for the GF subs.

  61. I would love to be able to get a Subway but I am concerned that their precautions will fall way short of the GF sandwiches being not contaminated. My daughter is very allergic to gluten & cannot take any chances of getting even a crumb of it.

  62. Sounds like a wonderful idea.
    1) why not open a gf subway? There are sooooo many subways where I live that making one gf store for every, say 20 regular stores, isn’t a bad idea. That way there is absolutely no cross contamination.
    2) those of us who have had subway and loved it prior to diagnosis would definitely return in full force if there were dedicated staff at these stores who were as passionate about gluten contamination as we are.
    3) if I had $ for a franchise w/subway…this would be my $$ maker and my *bread* winner! Hehehe *ü*

  63. I will be thrilled if Subway expands gluten free items in all the states! My husband and step-daughter go there usually once a week, I wait for them to come home and eat something I made myself at home. It will be fabulous to have the sandwiches available. Since you can watch the employees make the sandwiches after placing an order and explaining the problem, you can stop them if they do anything wrong. I am SO excited! COME TO MICHIGAN!!!!!!

  64. Went to a Subway with a friend this past summer and watched them make our 5 large subs “to go” ( I was going to order a salad for myself). They held the sub rolls over the containers of toppings while they filled them and I could literally see the crumbs falling into each container as the rolls hovered above them! So much for the salad for me! Wonder if they can fix this.

  65. I do eat the tuna salads at Subway but only rarely – one can only eat so many tuna salads!

    Also, I am in Canada and some of our airlines have sold Subway sandwiches as the in-flight meals on short (less than 4 hours) flights. It would be great to have that option because as someone who eats gluten free, I’m packing my own in-flight meals!

    I think it would be great if Subway would do a gluten free bread.

  66. I go to Subway all the time for my kids. Cross contaminiation is a HUGE issue here. They use their hands on the bread, and on all the ingredients, with crumbs everywhere. You could not eat a pickle slice there that wasn’t contaminated. When they cut the bread, the crumbs go flying and I watch the crumbs go into the other ingredient containers. They will have to have a completely separate area for the g-free customers, and I don’t see how they could do that.

  67. I have visited several Subways, and hav seen employees making sandwiches and are not wearing gloves! I even asked an employee why, and he aswered”If I had to wear gloves, I’d quit! Franchise owners should have regular inspections! Who’s in charge, Subway! Take control of your stores! I’m a Celiac and agree with all of the above!

  68. I used to love eating at Sub-Way until I found out that gluten was making me sick. I am hoping that Sub-Way will be Gluten free in all the States, especially where I am. Thank you for giving us with celiac disease another choice.

  69. This sounds too good to be true, if you can really make it gluten free and not cross contaminate. Also a lot of us are lactose free as well, including myself, so I’m hoping some of the things can be made lactose free. I live in Bowie, Maryland, so give us a test. Thanks at least for trying, even if it doesn’t work. We celiac patients have a tough time eating out to say the least.


  70. I just tried a tuna salad on gluten-free bread at a local Subway in Rockwall. I was impressed. They were very careful. The roll is prepackaged. They changed gloves. They cut with a separate packaged knife. They laid paper down before putting the piece of bread down. They put an extra piece of paper on the toasting tray so the bread didn’t make contact with the tray at all. The same person did prepare my sandwich from beginning to end. It was good. Before reading some of the posts I hadn’t thought about the bread crumbs getting into the different trays, and I don’t remember whether they used a separate utensil for putting the tuna on the bread (the scoop). I was just so excited for the rest! I’ll go back and check it out and ask them to use a different scoop if they didn’t. I’m sure feedback will help them remedy any oversights. Since they are willing to go this far, it seems they would be open to additional suggestions. Since I am fortunate enough to be one of the test markets, I’ll try and do my part to make it work!

  71. I forgot to say in the previous post that they have a list where you order of all of their gluten free meats, cheeses, vegetables, dressings, etc. The list was extensive — almost everything on the menu. It was very easy to figure out what I wanted.

  72. I just hope if the Texas market isn’t what they hope it to be for gluten free sandwiches and brownies they won’t give up trying it in other places such as Denver. Colorado.

  73. I would absolutly love to have a Subway sub again. They were my favorite sandwich shop ever. If they can make the bread tast good i would be very grateful.

  74. Would love to eat Gluten Free at Subway! Always loved their sandwiches. Test in Southern California…lots of us Gluten Free Girls out here:)

  75. I am very excited about the gluten free subs and brownies! The thing I worry about is training of the employees. Cross contamination can be just as serious as cheating on the diet. The Subway restaurants get very busy and the younger employees don’t always understand. But at any rate, it would really be nice to be able to try a gf sub in CT.

  76. I would be thrilled if you come out with a gluten-free bread. My son has celiac disease, and it would be wonderful for him to be able to have a piece of bread or a wonderful sandwich. Thank you so much!

  77. I take my favorite gluten free bread to Subway restaurants. I have had only one local Subway who at first refused to use my bread because they said it might contaminate the food prep area–they agreed to do it after I pointed out that the sandwiches are prepared on the paper that they use to wrap the sandwich so there would be no contamination. Everyone else has been very helpful.

  78. I am so happy to hear this. I would hope that they would pass on gluten free information to all their stores. I have brought my own bread to subway and asked them to use a clean knife and gloves. Usually I have to ask the manager first because the robot sandwich maker looks at me like I am asking them jump rope. Usually the manager will knock of a dollar or two for using my bread.

  79. I’m praying they bring it to Indiana! I miss Subway so much. Even picking it up for my kids makes me mouth water. Would be so great to have a place to stop and grab some food, especially on road trips or vacations. You can always find a Subway. I think it would require us whom are gluten free to carefully review our needs to the person making the sandwiches to be on the safe side.

  80. This would be AWESOME .. if Subway went Gluten Free ALL over!! I have been talking with the Manager here in Spokane WA. There IS A MARKET!
    Thanks for your consideration .. Marilyn

  81. I hope, hope, hope this test goes well! I am from Texas, but now live in Los Angeles. I went home over Thanksgiving and another great deli chain, Jason’s Deli, had already started offering Gluten Free sandwich bread and it was AMAZING!!! First sandwich I had eaten in 3 years.

    Come on, Subway!!!! Make it nationwide as soon as possible!!!!!!!!

  82. Am I missing something? The ingredients may be gluten free but once they are on the prep area they are all contaminated from the previous gloved hands or dippers touching the bread and then touching the ingredients such as tuna salad, tomatoes, onions, pickles, olives, banana peppers etc. Gloves cause cross contamination too.

    I work in food service and am ServSafe Certified. A gloved hand is not considered sterile once it touches food or equipment. I had a cook who was sited because although she was wearing gloves she opened the bag of sandwich bread (with the gloved hand) and then went to remove the bread from the bag with the same glove. The glove was considered contaminated with whatever may have been on the outside of the plastic bag. The only way Subway could do this right is to use new fresh ingredients for each gluten free sandwich; meaning ingredients that have never been out in the serving/prep area.

    It would be great if this Subway could happen, I’d love a tuna sub. But I think this is very high risk for cross contamination which is why I have never had even a salad from Subway in 16+ years even if the ingredients are gluten free.

  83. I find it hard to believe that the process will be truly gluten free. The entire process of sandwich making involves slicing bread on the counter behind the sandwich fillings. the workers have a sandwich they are stuffing and are continuously moving crumbs back and forth on the work space. for people like my daughter with celiac disease I have big worries about this being a clean process. It would be great if it would work but I would love to read complete details. Crumbs make people sick and I can’t imagine this being a crumb free process, I hope I’m wrong!

  84. I’m so excited!!!!!!! :-) Hope they bring it up to Wisconsin pretty soon! I wouldn’t worry about the cross contamination to much as I have eaten many subway salads and never really had any problems. When you go to subway you have to be smart and just kindly ASK (never lecture them,to make it short and simple I just say I am severly allergic to wheat so I don’t have to explain about CD) just ask them to put on new gloves and to clean the knives before they touch your food and you’ll be fine. :-) In the begining i used to worry all the time about “cross contamination”, but I learned it is not worth my time or energy. I am also trying NOT to let CD control my life and hold me back anymore, or even let it to me as I was turned down for a few live in jobs as they could not provide for me.

  85. I would honestly cry if they made this gluten free menu nation wide. I used to always eat subway before I was diagnosed I would LOVE to be able to enjoy there sandwiches again!!!!! =D

  86. Kudos to Subway for the new gluten-free bread and brownies. Alabama will support them well, if it makes it here. Thank you!

  87. Kudos to Brenda on Jan 15 2011 for what you stated!! I never thought of all that you wrote, but it makes sense and I would hope that Subway ensures no cross contamination. I would love to be able to purchase a sandwich while out and about!! Subway we are ready for gluten free in Southern California!!

  88. I would love to be able to eat at subway. I hope that if this works in Texas, that it comes to every state. Thank you so much Subway for giving Celiacs another gluten-free fast food option!!!!

  89. I agree with the above posters mentioning that the gloved hands reach in all day long to retrieve tomatoes & lettuce, etc….unless they use new containers of food not previously touched by gloved hands, it’ll be risky for cross contamination. Especially when they dig out the bread center for those stuffed sandwiches, those gloves for sure have crumbs they’re leaving behind in all the food containers. UGGGG!!!!! Hope it works, but I have doubts.

  90. how amazing this would be for my two celiac kids 5 and 10, and me their mom to know they could easily go out with their friends and the mall with a place to eat! Subway come gf to Montclair, NJ

  91. I think I actually cried a little when I saw this on the news- I miss my subway sooo bad! Houston….Houston…Houston (fingers crossed).

  92. I have been in food service for 22 years and I doubt very much this will be safe for Celiacs or those with any intolerance to wheat. Subway needs to be proficient in the way they pursue serving those with these conditions. Cross contamination easily occurs when employees do not understand the importance of safe food handling. Mistakes happen all the time when you don’t have a dedicated food service staff. Hats off to Subway if they can truly serve a gluten free sandwich.

  93. Please find a way to get the Gluten free Menu here in DesMoines, Iowa. I loved your products so much and now they are no more. Miss them and drive by the store almost every day. Thanks, Kay

  94. bring it to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but it will take a lot of work and alot of know how, so many people need to understand the word NO GLUTEN it can mean danger to alot of people are you ready for that………

  95. I am so excited, I really hope this works out. I love Subway and miss it sense being GF. Thanks for doing this and bring it to Chicago soon!

  96. I certainly can’t wait for GF bread to be available everywhere. That is exciting because those with Celiac Disease (like me) don’t travel much or eat out much due to gluten being in everything. It’s hard to be on a GF diet living in a Gluten world! Jason’s Deli has GF bread now too. I live in Louisiana and for the first time in 7 yrs i actually had a sandwhich out somewhere. It was exciting! I’m so glad things are is really difficult to maintain 100%. Kudo’s to SUBWAY!!

  97. Oh subway this would be incredible! I have to sit and watch as my family (all subway lovers) devour their delicious looking subs. It is something i have missed very much in the last thirteen years gf (and not by choice, believe me) I look forward to it!

  98. I’ve been to two Subway restaurants to try out the new bread. Both handled the sandwich to avoid cross contamination. Only one employee at each store handled my sandwich. They changed gloves before starting. The rolls come pre-packaged and the employees used a plastic knife that was also pre-packaged. In both cases, the rolls were placed on a clean sheet of paper and toasted before making the samdwich. At the second store, they had a list of gluten-free ingredients posted to help the customer make the right choices in the construction of their sandwiches. I can tell you that it was so great to have a Subway sandwich after all this time. I’m glad they decided to start here in Dallas. Thank you, Subway.

  99. at last—– i am not gluten intolerant but my wife is—–i dont eat at subways because its too much trouble to visit two places to get food. one for my wife and one for me.—now ill be able to eat my favorite sandwich again, without feeling guilty.

  100. I live in the Dallas area and can’t find a subway that carries gluten free bread or brownies or an employee that has even heard of it! Does anyone know where these “700” subways are?

  101. I can’t imagine this sandwich being completely gluten free. I go to chipotle, because they change their gloves, and there are only a few items they stick their hands into(lettuce and cheese), everything else uses a scoop, or spoon. SO, I ask for lettuce and cheese from the back..they always oblige! I tried to order a sandwich from Jason’s deli on their GF bread, but quickly realized the cross contamination is so risky. They just take ingredients out of the bins that they use for all the other sandwiches too. It’s just sad to see these restaurants advertise gluten free bread without knowing all that goes into preparing a gluten free sandwich. That said, the subway that’s about 3 miles from my house has GF bread, so I’m going there today to test it out. We’ll see! I’ll post my results. I live in Oak Point, and the Subway I’m talking about is at Providence on 380, East of Denton.

  102. So, I went to Subway today and was thoroughly impressed! It looks like they train their staff about the dangers of cross-contamination. I don’t know if this trend is gonna stick around though, since they said my sandwich order was only the 6th order they’ve had in 3 weeks. But, I’m hopeful. I’m actually surprised that they are using this store as a test market. We’re kinda out there in the middle of nowhere! Okay, so here’s what happened:
    I walk in and tell them I’d like to try the gluten free bread for my sandwich. The girl tells me she’s got to wash her hands and change her gloves, and she’ll be taking care of me. So, she gets out the pre-packaged bread with knife included, on a separate sheet of paper away from everything, cuts it, puts it on a tray and puts it in the oven to toast. She then asks me if I’d like her to pull all the toppings from the back so there’s no cross contamination. Of course I say yes. So, every topping that I got was from a fresh container. She was the only person that ever touched my sandwich, and I watched her the whole time. Granted, it did take longer to get my order, and about 8 people went in front of me while mine was being made, but it was worth it to know that I was getting a gluten free sandwich from a restaurant for the first time in 4 years. I can imagine that it might be difficult at different locations, where the employees speak a different language to communicate your needs, but if all the stores with the test markets are being trained properly, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and the bread is fantastic. I was very impressed. I also tried the brownie, by French Meadow, and loved the fact that it is completely grain free, using only tapioca starch as the flour. Very moist and flavorful, but then again I love chewy, dark, chocolatey brownies. THey also display a list of all the ingredients that are gluten free(most of them) excluding the meatballs, seafood, and chicken teriyaki..and I think there might have been one other thing. They even have a list of dressings and chips that are gluten free(I think most of the chips are too, since they’re by Frito-Lay, and Frito-Lay has an extensive list on their website of gluten free chips. Anyway, Subway in Aubrey at Providence on HWY 380 rocks!

  103. I almost cried when my mom told me a couple of weeks ago that Subway was launching a gf bread. I’ve only been gf for 10 months but most certainly a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t craved my old friend the sandwich. I pray that Subway brings their special bread to Southern California.

  104. I visited a Subway located on Beltline Road in Garland, Texas, On January 17th. When I ask about the new gluten free sandwich bread I was told that they did have it but it was frozen and the manager said he hadn’t had time to go over things with the employees. There was no apology or encouragement to come back, etc. He lost 2 sales. The lady next to me said her daughter was also allergic to gluten and was so glad to learn about Subway. Here again, the manager really just didn’t care.

  105. Great Idea, it will make our lives much happier. We always went to Subway until my daughter was diagnosed with celiac. Now we can return! Thank you!

  106. When they opened a kosher-certified Subway’s in Skokie, IL my family was thrilled…and I was leery. Luckily, I knew the owners and some of the servers, who were considerate enough to make me a salad–from the supplies in the back, that hadn’t been in contact with the bread or doughs–when I explained that celiacs can’t eat anything that contained gluten or may have come in contact with it.

    If Subway would offer that kind of service–a separate fillings counter and oven for their gluten free bread–I would be one of their highest supporters, and a regular customer at our kosher outlet.

  107. First off, I do not have celiac disease. I do have an allergy to wheat and thus products containing wheat. I’m not going to have any major life threatening or rush me hospital emergency room moments if I come into contact with wheat. That being said, I’m thrilled with the gluten free option at Subway. I’ve had two of the gluten free sandwiches now. The bread is wonderful!! It’s soft and slightly sweet. It’s not that disgusting dry tapioca bread that is sold at some grocery stores. It’s actually something that I ENJOYED eating.

    It was individually sealed. They did use a separate knife to cut with. Only one person handled my order start to finish. The bun was never in contact with any surfaces other than the paper that it was placed on after it was taken out of the sealed package. The worker put on fresh gloves when making my sandwich. And then he took them off and put on another pair when done with my sandwich. After he was done preparing my sandwich he then used another fresh wrapper to put it in and threw away the paper wrapper he had used while fixing it. Overall, even though I personally don’t have to overly fear cross contamination … I think that the worker did a great job at trying to reduce or minimize the chances of cross contamination.

    I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. I took off 1/2 a star because it is a bun much smaller than the 6″ option that others get plus it’s $1 more for the sandwich. That won’t stop me from getting them in the future as long as they offer them.

  108. I visited a Subway in Plano, TX. I asked the cashier if they were doing the GF buns before I stood in line. She said yes. I ordered my sandwich, and the man behind the counter did not know what I was talking about. Another worker heard me, came over & took care of my order. He changed gloves, got the GF bread, put it on clean paper, toasted it on the same tray as all the other sandwiches, brought it back to the counter & moved another non-GF sandwich out of the way (touching the paper where the non-GF bread was sitting), then proceeded to fill my sandwich from the line where all the other sandwiches are made (never offered to create it from uncontaminated containers in the back). They were also out of the brownies. Fortunately I’m not very sensitive & did eat the sandwich, just to see. However, there is no way I would take my children there as they are very sensitive to cross-contamination. And, I won’t be back unless there really is no other option or Subway develops more comprehensive education for ALL the employees. The bread was okay, but don’t let it cool off (I drove home ~2 miles), otherwise it becomes very crumbly. It did taste good.

  109. If you can pull off a gf menu then my hat is off to subway. I use to enjoy your sammy’s until I was diagnosed with CD so this would be the greatest thing since sliced bread…I mean gluten free bread!!! Subway, you guys rock and THANK YOU for this experiment!

  110. Awesome. Bring it to Colorado! My family would be so excited for me to take them there again and I would if they were gf!!

  111. I had a cold cut trio today, on a gluten free roll, at the subway on the Richland College campus ([email protected]). I also bought brownies for my son and I.

    The bread is great, a little sweet for my tastes but the texture is fantastic! The brownie was pretty good, nothing amazing but great considering I hadn’t had one in awhile and it was “grab and go” so very convenient.

    Unfortunately I am experiencing some bloating and cramping now, a couple of hours after eating. It’s *possible* that it’s coincidence, but since I haven’t eaten anything I normally don’t except the subway sandwich, I’m suspicious of crumb contamination.

  112. I recently went up to Denton TX to visit a friend, and we went to subway one night for dinner. The subway offered a gluten free roll, which I decided to try instead of getting my usual salad.

    The staff instantly washed their hands, changed their gloves, handed me the nutritional packet to ensure nothing bad was being put on my sandwich, used individually wrapped knives to cut any food that was to go on my sandwich, and my sandwich was even prepared on a separate tray that had not been contaminated.

    The sandwich was great, I was excited to finally have a sub from subway again! I even liked how the bread crumbled apart a bit when I bit into it, it made it easier for me to eat with a lip that was about to get pierced. I think some people would complain that the bread falls apart too much and too easily once you begin to eat, but I disagree.

    I certainly hope they put these options in subways across the country – I really don’t want to have to limit myself to a subway sub to when I’m only in Denton tx.

  113. I go to school in Denton, TX. I tried it for the first time today, and I didn’t get sick! They washed their hands, changed gloves, used a new knife, used separate papers to slide my sandwich on, & had a different oven for my bread. There was also a huge sign saying everything gluten free including meats, sauces, and veggies. They were so nice and helpful!
    Also, I tried the brownie. It was delicious. I’m so excited to have a fast food option now!

  114. I would love for Subway to go GF…it was a staple of mine but can’t go there anymore…the salads are great but miss the subs….if they do it in L.A. they’ll have a massive response…there’s lots of us here!

  115. I just tried the GF bun at their location in downtown Dallas. I too was worried about cross contamination, but without saying anything they proceeded to unwrap new plasticware when I told them I wanted the GF bun. My next concern was that their GF bread would taste like cardboard. I always toast my GF bread at home to avoid the “cardboard” effect as much as possible. (Side note: Jason’s Deli has GF bread, but it’s hit or miss. Whatever brand they use goes stale pretty quickly.) Anyways, without asking they used paper and a special rack when they put it in the toaster. The bread was light and fluffy and, to be honest, it was some of the best GF bread I have ever tried. I will definitely be going back more often.


  116. Awesome, awesome,awesome
    I am so excited. This is great. I have been GF for 4 yrs now and would love to eat subs again as well as have another healthy option when traveling.
    I can’t wait. Please help the roll out happen.

  117. I am happy to know there’s hope for us, drug free seniors who want to enjoy bread without all the ‘side effects’ that inflamation brings.
    Hope it will be available in Houston next.

  118. I’m so glad to see that you are testing the market for gluten free sandwiches. We Celiac’s need a good option for sandwiches and right now there are none! I can hardly wait to have them in our area northwest of Boston, Ma. I loved your sandwiches before I was diagnosed and will definitely be a regular once you make them available here.

  119. I just had a Subway Gluten Free sandwich yesterday in Fort Worth and it was wonderful! The bread was like a normal soft bread and had a great taste. I had one person make my sandwich on a piece of paper which stayed through the process. She used a new knife specifically for gluten free bread and actually showed what she was using and explained what was specifically for gluten free at each step. Also was told that they had the gluten free brownie which is from The French Meadow Bakery and was so very fresh. It was a great experience and the woman that made my sandwich appeared to be pleased to be able to provide a gluten free meal to me as I had explained that it has been years since I have had Subway and a sub sandwich. Can’t wait to go back and so nice to have the option now!

  120. BEST NEWS I have heard all day!! I love subway and I think it is GREAT that they are jumping on the gluten free band wagon!!! so many people have gluten sensitivity or suffer from Celiac disease…….I pray the test market has a tremendous response and it will be nationwide…….Thanks Subway!!!!!

  121. Although a good idea there are many issues with this. Now that Portland, OR is a new market for the gluten free bun I had the chance to take a look at it in person. The bun is extremely small (about three inches in diameter) and costs $1 more than a 6 inch. It does not hold much and cross contamination is not just likely – it’s inevitable. NOT recommended at all. Another company that is taking advantage instead of this market instead of helping.

  122. Had my first Sandwiche (Subway) in 4 years in Ft Worth the other day. I was in sandwiche heaven! Go Subway! Can’t wait for it to arrive in Houston area. When……when……..when……??????? If necessary, I’ll open the shop for you!!

  123. Be Careful!! Went to Subway yesterday to get my son a GF sandwich. They changed gloves before making his sandwhich, used a clean plastic knife to cut it, etc. They only problem is that when they went to put cheese on it, I noticed that there were bread crumbs in the cheese – big problem. I’m not sure if there is anyway to avoid cross-contamination since they cut the regular rolls right in front of all the other sandwich ingredients.

  124. I used to love Subway! I haven’t eaten there in 3 years since I found out that I had Celiacs. My husband keeps trying to go gluten free with me, but I keep telling him that he doesn’t have to. It would be so nice to be able to just go out and eat with my friends and family at Subway again. A lot of restaurants lose money because if one person can’t eat at a place due to dietary restrictions then they all go somewhere else. I want a GF Subway in Provo Utah!

  125. I would LOVE for subway to have a Gluten free bread! It makes me so depressed when friends and family go there to eat and I can’t! Also would be great when going on road trips! I REALLY hope this passes!!

  126. I live in Washington state and used to be a frequent shopper at my local Subway shop, until I began to get so sick that I barely ate anything. Finally 2 years later I am diagnosed w/ Celiac Disease and completely gluten free, I am feeling much better. I love my sandwiches at Subway and wish that they were still a meal option. Please bring the gluten free menu nation wide, I believe between the bloggers, word of mouth and commercials it will be worth your while. Thank you

  127. I am so excited about subway offering gluten free options! It is my family’s favorite place to eat and up till now, we would have to go to two different places to get our food. We travel a lot and now subway can be included in our frequent restaurants. I just hope the gluten free options are expanded soon to include other areas, especially oklahoma. Thanks Subway!! You have made my life easier!

  128. After reading many of these comments I’ve decided to write one myself. I am GF(my stomach is very sensitive)+lactose intolerant and I love subway! Every time I go in I ask for clean cloves and a new knife and let them know why and they,regaurdless of where I am, are very understanding and are very careful to not get any crumbs near my salad. I’ve worried about crumbs in the veggies but so far so good! I’m so excited that there’s a GF sub in the works. To those consurned about the meats, I’ve not had any trouble with the turkey or spicy italian meats.

  129. I have a 9 yr old daughter and she has celatic disease. She love to eat at subway she was heart broken when she was told that she could not have a gelutin free bun in her kids meal. Please let us know why should little ones be left out.

  130. Subway started a gluten free menu back in January 2011 and to this date they currently have this menu in about 900 locations in the US. These subway locations are located in Dallas and Tyler, Texas, Tacoma, Washington, and are now expanding to the areas of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.

    I really hope that they decide to further these locations as there are so many of us now that are suffering from some form of Celiac, NCGS, and Gluten Allergies or Intolerances.

    I may have to move to Tyler Texas now… LOL

  131. I been thinking and wishing for this but didn’t know it actuality is being tested until reading about it here on this site. Hope they can do it, so it works for all with gluten intolerance. And gets here where I live in Tennessee…and soon!!! Wonder how it’s working out?

  132. Very excited to see GF bread at Subway. Disappointed that it was frozen and needed to be microwaved. Not a fan of warm sandwiches, crust gets hard. I’m not worried about cross contamination, customers that are, the location visited did not take the precautions mentioned in any articles that I have read. But, I did like the bread and it was a nice change. Look forward to seeing GF in more locations.
    I applaud Subway for taking the extra steps to satisfy customers that need more GF options. Thank you, Richardson TX

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