Up until now, a gluten-free diet has meant that Subway is pretty much off limits – except for soda and chips.

This might, might, might change – starting today.

are these your new best friends?

are these your new best friends?

If you live in the Dallas or Tyler, Texas area, your local Subway might have some new menu options. According to QSRweb, Subway’s gluten-free menu is being tested in these two markets. If it’s successful, expect a national roll-out to eventually follow.

So what can we expect to see from this popular purveyor of bread-bread-bread?

Subway will be offering gluten-free brownies and gluten-free bread (upon which any sub could of course be built). They’ve reportedly organized several procedures, which should ensure a safe experience for gluten-free diners:

  • Each gluten-free roll and brownie is individually wrapped.
  • Each gluten-free sub will be made using a new knife, also individually wrapped.
  • Each gluten-free sub will be prepped by only one “sandwich artist” all the way down the assembly line, to minimize chances of cross-contamination.
  • Other unspecified steps are being taken to minimize cross-contamination risks in general.
  • Subway staff in the test markets have been trained on the specific requirements of gluten-free customers.

Subway is the most popular chain in the country, so if this menu kicks in it will mean thousands upon thousands of newly safe dining options for the gluten-free community.

What do you think of the initiative? Were you a fan of Subway subs before you stopped eating gluten? Do you trust Subway to provide you with a safe meal, given the above protections?

If you live in the test markets and visit a Subway for a gluten-free sandwich, please tell us about your experience in the comments!

UPDATE: Many of you have raised questions in the comments regarding the gluten-free status of Subway’s meats and sandwich fillings in general. Your is a great place to look for info — but just in case you don’t have it handy, here’s a PDF of Subway’s gluten-free ingredients.