Chalk up one more victory for the, “Does there REALLY have to be gluten in there?” brigade.

Boston Market has a good selection of gluten-free choices, which you already know if you’ve perused the back section of your gluten-free restaurant guide.

In my pre-diagnosis, pre-teen years we often stopped at Boston Market for a snack between school and evening extra-curriculars. I loved the macaroni and cheese, and of course like any kid I was a big fan of white meat chicken topped with gravy.

Now the mac and cheese is obviously not gluten-free, and the chicken’s been fine for celiacs all along. But the gravy? Remember when we talked about all the foods that taste better without gluten, and we called out gravy specifically?

Boston Market finally agreed.

Starting in February, Boston Market’s chicken gravy will be reformulated gluten-free. The gravy’s been undergoing some changes for the past few months; in addition to this happy change, it’s also got 50% less sodium.

The shifts in recipe are part of a larger Boston Market effort to address special diets and healthier lifestyles. They’re cutting sodium where possible, and introducing a set of options with fewer than 550 calories for those of us watching our numbers.

Cross-contamination remains a concern, as at any restaurant – but several of these new changes are coincidentally beneficial to celiacs. For example, two new sides happen to be gluten-free: Mediterranean Green Beans and Garlicky Spinach.

If you’ll be taking a visit to Boston Market to check out their gluten-free options, you might want to bring along this coupon for $1 off. When you go, let us know how the gravy tastes!