Tips for a Schmaltz-Free, Gluten-Free Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s not exactly my favorite holiday, but every time I go to the pharmacy or the grocery store I’m reminded that luvvvv is in the air, or at least that it’s supposed to be.

(This is why I prefer the much-less-commercialized Talk Like a Pirate Day.)

Even though I’m not much for Feb 14, I recognize that it’s unavoidable. Accordingly, here’s a list of tips, tricks, and did-you-knows for a lovely, gluten-free Valentine’s Day:

  • As your gluten-free grocery guide will tell you, Necco Valentines Conversation Hearts are gluten-free. Good news for gluten-free children, as I can remember getting oodles of these back in the days of mandatory-valentines-for-everyone elementary school.
  • It can be tricky to find a heart-shaped box of gluten-free chocolates, but has a great search feature with nearly 100 gluten-free chocolates from small manufacturers, and the option to refine your search to include soy-free, dairy-free other otherwise “safe” options.
  • Mono isn’t the only kissing disease. If you’re sharing a smooch with a gluten-eating date, beware! Depending on your level of sensitivity, it might behoove you to bring a toothbrush along for your date (or make sure the meal is gluten-free to begin with).
  • Valentine’s Day is a stressful one for restaurants. If you’ve picked out a spot – for example by perusing our gluten-free restaurant guide – do yourselves a favor and make sure you explain your needs when you make your reservation. There’s nothing less romantic than going hungry (except maybe going through all the GI fun of an accidental glutening).
  • If you’re staying in, I really like:
    • this recipe for gluten-free angelfood cake from Gluten-Free Mommy
    • Karen Morgan’s gluten-free chocolate soufflé, which is a NY Times adaptation of a Francois Payard recipe
    • Trader Joe’s flourless chocolate cake is gluten-free and easy to jazz up with fresh fruit, sorbet, or whatever else your heart desires. No one has to know you didn’t spend all day in the kitchen.

What are you and yours doing for Valentine’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Tips for a Schmaltz-Free, Gluten-Free Valentine's Day”

  1. Emily, I couldn’t agree with you more about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day. This is why my wife and I celebrate our own Valentine’s Day on the day we met in April — it just makes more sense.

    I love your tips though — Valentine’s Day can be stressful enough (especially for the guy), add in the necessity of it all being gluten-free and look out, there could be trouble. These tips should help ease some of that stress for those braving the Valentine’s Day chaos.

  2. We always buy the best, largest strawberries we can find, and dip them in milk and white chocolate and decorate them. My kids love it, and it is a special treat, and its gluten free! Much better than buying a box of chocolates. My kids remember this from the last 2 years, and can’t wait to do it again this year!

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