Getting to Know Gluten-Free Bread Brands

Bread is one of the trickiest foods to find a satisfying gluten-free version of, because of the difficulties involved in baking bread without gluten protein to bind it and give it elasticity. In earlier posts, we’ve discussed the intricacies of baking your own homemade gluten-free bread, but sometimes you just don’t have the time, ingredients, patience, or desire to spend on doing it yourself. Fortunately, there are quite a few brands that offer gluten-free breads. In fact, there are over 20 brands of gluten-free bread in the latest edition of the grocery guide.

Here are some of the best brands of gluten-free breads:

Against the Grain: Against the Grain is a Vermont-based company that manufactures gluten-free bread products such as baguettes, rolls, and bagels. Their products are not only gluten-free, but also contain no yeast, corn, soy, rice, or sugar; instead, Against the Grain products are made with a base of tapioca starch, canola oil and starch. However, all of their products do contain dairy. Against the Grain’s bread producs are sold frozen and distributed at many Wegmans, Whole Foods, Blooms, Mrs. Greens, and Earth Fare grocery stores across the country.

Ener-G: Ener-G makes a large variety of gluten-free bread products such as a tapioca loaf, white rice loaf, brown rice loaf, corn loaf, brown rice hamburger buns, English muffins, tapioca hot dog buns, and much more. Based in Seattle, Washington, Ener-G is a family-owned company that has been making allergy restrictive foods since 1962. You can find Ener-G products on their online site, or find it in many grocery stores nationwide including some Krogers, Whole Foods, Publix, Stop and Shop, and others.

Foods for Life: This California-based family-owned company makes a selection of wheat free/gluten free breads, including white rice bread, almond bread, raisin pecan bread, red rice bread, whole grain brown rice bread, and millet bread. You can buy Foods for Life bread in many health food stores across the U.S.

Glutino: This Canadian gluten-free manufacturer expanded into the United States in 1999 and is carried in many major stores such as Wegmans, Target, Food Lion, Giant, and Whole Foods. Glutino offers a a line of gluten-free breads including corn bread, flax seed bread, cinnamon & raisin bread, fiber bread, and a wholegrain brown rice bread.

Kinnikinnick Foods: Kinnikinnick makes a selection of gluten-free breads including white sandwich bread and brown sandwich bread, as well as cheese tapioca rice bread, raisin tapioca rice bread, honey brown rice bread, and sunflower flax rice bread among others. Kinnikinnick can be ordered online or found in many major grocery stores including some Krogers, Giants, and Whole Foods.

Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery: Rudi’s offers gluten-free bread in three flavors: an original white sandwich loaf, a hearty multigrain loaf, and a cinnamon raisin loaf. The Boulder, Colorado company manufactures its gluten-free breads on dedicated GF lines and their products are tested for gluten.

Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods: Udi’s is well-known in the gluten-free community for making soft gluten-free bread, good enough to be eaten straight out of the bag. Udi’s offers a white sandwich bread loaf, a whole grain bread loaf, and a cinnamon raisin bread. The company is based in Denver, Colorado and sells its gluten-free products in 500 stores nationwide. Blogger Tiffany has written a review of Udi’s gluten-free bread which she loves for the bread’s softness and relatively long shelf life.

What is your go-to gluten-free bread brand?

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  1. After trying so many brands, I was so happy when I found Udi’s. I think it still needs to be toasted – but it is light and pretty tasty. However, I recently found a bread that I feel blows all the rest of them away. The bread is made by Canyon Bakehouse – also out of Colorado. This bread can truly be eaten right out of the bag. It is moist, tasty, and does not fall apart. Most GF bread is criticized for lack of nutritional value – check out this bread – the Mountain White has 2g of protein and 2g of fiber in every slice!!! Check it out!!!

  2. O’ Dough’s Gluten Free Bread rocks. I got a loaf from Appetite for Awareness ‘2010 in Philly. It was amazing in it’s softness and texture.

  3. I have been eating Udi’s for a while. Their bagels are even better than their sandwich bread. I found the seven grain Canyon Bakehouse bread at Whole Foods last weekend and decided to try that. It was incredibly soft–I couldn’t believe it! We compared the texture against a slice of Udi’s and a slice of Wonder Bread and the Canyon Bakehouse was even softer than the Wonder Bread! (More dense but softer).

    The two downsides to the Canyon Bakehouse Seven Grain bread were (i) absence of flavor — it was like there was a non flavor about it — no matter what condiment I used it swallowed it up! Kinda strange. (ii) it molded in two days! Let me say that I have a bag of Udi’s stored in the same location and that Udi’s is a week old with no mold or change. So I was shocked! And the date on the bag was current, not old.

    Over all think I am sticking to Udi’s. They are the same price but Udi’s lasts longer and I prefer the flavor, even if it means having to toast it a little. I will gladly try the other breads people mentioned if I can find them locally. Unfortunately O’Dough’s makes you buy in bulk online.

  4. Check out the breads by Katz gluten free ( I personally LOVE the challah bread but all of the breads can be eaten straight from the bag!!!

  5. I totally agree with Jessie. I absolutely love Katz. I have been in touch with the company via email. I have put in a couple of suggestions for products and they tell me they will try. They are awesome to work with. Their products arrive fresh and within a day. There is a large warning on the box to freeze upon receipt to preserve the freshness. It is so easy – go online, place the order, and wait for the delivery! No muss, no fuss. Their challah bread is awesome (and my personal favorite). I made a grilled cheese sandwich with it and it was sooooo delish I had to make a second one immediately!!!!!!!! Their rugelech is off the charts. I absolutely cannot think of a single product I don’t like of theirs.

    I do buy Udi’s bagels though, but only because Katz doesn’t have one yet, but they assure me that’s on the list for a future product.

  6. I’ve tried a couple of Ener-G products and was not impressed. They tasted like styrofoam. I’ve also had the Udi’s and Rudi’s breads. While Udi’s has a nice taste and texture, my problem is that I’ve yet to have a loaf that didn’t have huge gaping holes in the middle of it. Kinda hard to make sandwiches when all your sandwich ingredients fall out the middle. If given a choice, I’d rather have Rudi’s. Similar in taste and texture but without the gaping holes.

  7. I haven’t tried Udi’s but I think another very very worth-able mention is the Schar’s brand. All of their products have been pretty amazing, and their multigrain bread has been the best for me!

  8. We have turned into an Udi’s family. I was recently diagnosed with celiac as well as two of my children, and we did not like the bread that was available to us until we found Udi’s. We do not toast it, and we use it to make sandwiches. I leave it frozen, make the sandwich on the frozen bread and send it to school. The real testament for Udi’s is that my non-celiac husband and non-celiac kids started eating it, and now it is the only bread we eat in our household.I haven’t had the huge holes in the Udi’s bread that I have bought…yet. I must say though that their pizza crusts are one of the best I have ever had (gluten or non-gluten). I have never tried schar’s bread, as I have never seen it here, but I have loved every product of theirs that I have tried.

  9. I personally love UDI’s. I have tried the white bread and the multigrain and I can bring sandwiches to work again! They are amazing. I am excited for the recommendations though. I thought that I was going to have to live with dense cardboard-y bread for life! Great post :)

  10. Besides making home-made GF bread, Udi’s is by far superior. Luckily I can have eggs and that is what makes a good GF bread. I’ve tried every brand and those w/o eggs are just not that good, unless of course it’s homemade.

  11. My daughter and I LOVE Rudi’s bread!!! We have tried Udi’s bread – and liked it – but think Rudi’s is much better!! Udi’s pizza crust is awesome!! We are also in the test market for the Subway gluten free subs, which are made on French Meadow gluten free rolls. They are awesome!!! French Meadow also makes the gluten free pizza crust for Boston’s Pizza – which we also think is amazing!!! And their gluten free brownie (also being sold at Subway) is delicious!!!

  12. If you have never tried Chalaha bread from Katz’s bakery if recommend it as the best bread that can be eaten without being toasted.

  13. Canyon Bakehouse San Juan 7-Grain bread tastes like real bread and has the texture of real bread. It makes a great sandwich without toasting. The raisin bread is good, too. I have purchased Canyon Bakehouse fresh at Whole Foods in Boston, MA and frozen in Jacksonville, FL,

  14. We love Udi’s as well but this week bought a breadmaker and now begin the gluten-free consumer journey of figuring out which of the prepackaged bread mixes are the best. Any recommendations from breadmaker people?

  15. @ Terre- I have only made King Arthur bread from a mix and it was VERY good in my opinion. I am not sure if it would work in a bread maker.

  16. Terre-
    My favorite bread mix is Bob’s Red Mill Homemade Wonderful Gluten-Free Bread Mix. It’s great for taste, but needs more body and fiber, which i get by adding 1/4 cup of BRM whole raw teff to each batch. (Teff is a grain used in Ethiopia, and also makes good porridge; Whole Foods carries it) I also add a tablespoon of sugar when I add the yeast, and use the Express cycle on my bread maker: otherwise, I follow the recipe on the BRM package Made this way, the bread keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks in a Bread-Saver bag, although after 1/2 a week, the bread is best toasted.
    I don’t care for the BRM multi-grain bread (very strong caraway flavor does not wear well) or the BRM cinnamon-raisin bread (haven’t been able to get a good texture with this one).Also a bread machine MUST be used, as it is impossible to knead this dough by hand (way too sticky)
    The only down-side is that the soy flour in the BRM causes a lot of flatulence for me– and Beano contains wheat ingredients. Does anyone know of a gluten-free anti-flatulkent?.

  17. I think that The Grainless Baker bread is by far the best. I particularly like their Mock Rye Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread. My son and I can eat the bread without butter and without toasting. It tastes great. Here is a link to their Web site:

  18. Struggled to find a palatable gf bread and tossed out
    many loaves until I found a wonderful dedicated gf
    bakery that will deliver to my local health food coop.
    Try them – they have great bakery products including
    many varieties of whole grain bread.

  19. Udi’s was a dream come true for me. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year and after trying numerous breads that (yuck) ended up in the trash I thought I’d never enjoy a sandwich again… but that all changed when I tried Udi’s sandwich bread. I felt like I could eat “normal” again.

  20. I totaly agree with Jessie as well, Katz Challah bread I can use for everything sandwich, toast, Etc, and their Rugelech makes me forget i am Gluten Free,

  21. We had enjoyed Udi’s up until now, but now my son must go off milk, egg, soy, nuts, gluten, and fish for a diet trial for his condition. All of the Udi’s breads have egg! I have no idea now where to find a good replacement bread for him that doesn’t have eggs. Any suggestions??

  22. Is there a good gluten free bread we can find at our local Walmart? We don’t have a Whole Foods, etc. here. I have to go with what I can find. I’ve been on such a whole grain foods kick/diet in the past few years, due to conditioning from doctors, etc., now I don’t know what to do. Go back to insulin wrecking white?! Bread is a staple in our diets, as is pasta. Now what?!

    PS–I noticed the gluten free pasta has like, no fiber in it. *sigh*

  23. Food for life Ezekiel 4:9 is amazing! What a great product. I am hooked. I find it at the King Soopers near where I live (CO). I like Udis a lot too but I was sold on the ingredients and the philosophy behind Food for Life.

  24. All of the Food For Life products are NOT gluten free. Be sure to read the labels closely. Same goes for Amy’s and Van’s and many other brands that carry gluten free products.

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