Schär begins construction on their first US bakery; celiacs rejoice

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I like to talk about how important the gluten-free community is to the larger US economy.

Well, Americans are also important to the larger, international gluten-free economy – and today I am pleased to share concrete proof!

Schär is one of the world’s oldest and largest gluten-free baking companies. I’m particularly fond of their gluten-free crispbread, but they make quite a large variety of sweets and savories (all gluten-free, of course). This is probably old news to you; Schär was nominated for four of Triumph Dining’s Best of Gluten-free Awards last year, and they’re all over the gluten-free grocery guide.

They’ve had a US office since 2007, but all the products have come from their baking facilities in Europe.

The champagne bottle’s been broken, though: construction has started on Schär’s first stateside production facility.

The facility is under construction in southern NJ, not too far from Philadelphia. It should start churning out tasty treats early next year, and will add more than 50 gluten-free jobs to the local economy.

For those of us who aren’t looking to change jobs (or don’t live in the Philly suburbs), what does this new construction mean?

On an abstract level, it’s an affirmation of the significant buying power of the gluten-free demographic. There are an ever-increasing amount of us, and our dollars are being heard – whether we spend them because of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or simple preference.

On a more practical level, we can expect to see an expanded range of Schär’s gluten-free products available in the US. They should be more widely accessible, and – now this part is just my guess, and not from the official press release – but it’s certainly possible that the transport savings will be passed along to the consumer in some way.

You can read more about the new Schär production facility on their webpage, which also has a link to a video clip of the groundbreaking ceremony. If you think you might like to work for them, click here to keep tabs on jobs at Schär.

What sort of gluten-free foods would you like to see Schär introduce in the US?

10 thoughts on “Schär begins construction on their first US bakery; celiacs rejoice”

  1. I have been munching on schars gluten free products for at least 4 years
    since I found out I had Celiac Disease. Their taste is the best that I have
    had compared to other gluten free products. I can’t wait for the new items
    to be able to buy.

  2. I have been celiac for over 30 years and Schar products are by for the best I have ever tasted. I am so glad to hear that they will be making then in NJ, my home state.

  3. About a year ago I found the Chiabatta rolls online and now in my local health
    food store in Hoboken and was in heaven.
    PITA bread would be next on my list, they have great versions in the UK
    at the local supermarkets.I buy loads and pack them in my suitcase and then pop them in the freezer when I am home.
    Victoria sponge cake would be a welcome addition,plain sponge with cream and rasp jam (jelly) in the middle,soooo goood! not had a slice for 5 years!

  4. As a NJ resident for 55 years and a gluten free eater for the last 3 (celliac vs intolerant) I am thrilled to hear that Schar is making an investment in the US and NJ especially! I have not tried anything from them that I have not liked. I agree with Angie, I too would love to see Pita Bread! Looking forward to seeing more Schar at the store soon!

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