2-for-1 Fridays: Garden of Eatin' Recall and Celiac as a Cause of Bad Behavior?

Another 2-in-1 post today.

First things first: a recall.

Prime Choice Foods has issued a recall for certain lots of Garden of Eatin’® chips, which may contain undeclared wheat and soy. Check the list of recalled chips on celiac.com’s website to see which lots of the Multi Grain Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, Multi Grain Everything Tortilla Chips and Multi Grain Blues Sea Salt Tortilla Chips to stay away from.

Second things second: file this one under, “Really?”

According to the Hearld-Palladium of Southwest Michigan, a local mother was very nearly charged with criminal charges for abusing her son, age 16.

What does this have to do with celiac disease or gluten intolerance? Arguably nothing.

The article goes on to explain that the boy was handcuffed to a chair during the day and to a bed at night, for more than a week. The chaining was a punishment for his behavior and apparently done out of parental concern for, “the direction their son’s life was heading.”

The story continues, and the above link will provide you with as many sordid details as you want. What I found interesting, though, was an apparent aside: the boy and his father apparently both have celiac disease. According to the article, the boy told authorities that gluten makes him, “cranky, depressed and sometimes suicidal.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about gluten-free criminals and I doubt it will be the last. With multiple diagnosed family members, everyone is presumably aware of the do’s and don’ts of feeding a celiac, and a 16-year old is certainly capable of protecting himself – so it’s surprising that he would still have symptoms.

Regardless, I have to ask: would the effects of celiac disease make you turn to a life of crime? Or is this boy trying to find a way out of the trouble he’s in?

One thought on “2-for-1 Fridays: Garden of Eatin' Recall and Celiac as a Cause of Bad Behavior?”

  1. A 16 year old is NOT old enough to make life altering decisions. His pre frontal corte is not developed to it’s full capacity, but the parents should be more than competent. It sounds as if they are the ones that need to be looking for ant excuses to justify their actions, but it sounds as if they are the ones incapapble of pretty much everything.

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