My Favorite Party Guest: GF Dip

I started writing this post a while ago, and I had a funny little intro about the Oscars and how one year I will have seen all the Best Picture nominees and will celebrate by throwing a party.

It was just a front. I’m never going to remember to see all the nominees. What I really wanted to talk about was the ever-timely act of hosting a party. And when I say hosting a party, I mean making a lot of party foods.

And when I say party foods, I mean dip. Gluten-free dip, and gluten-free dippables: two of my favorite things.

Obviously you can go the easy route and purchase dip. There are plenty of gluten-free hummuses (hummi?) and salsas and tapenades and caponatas and raitas. Your gluten-free grocery guide lists dozens of safe and delicious ready-made options.

However, that very same gluten-free grocery guide also lists oodles of safe ingredients. And what better way to show your guests (or yourself) some love than by making something yummy and scoopable?

Here’s a list of gluten-free dip recipes I plan to perfect prior to my 2050 Oscar viewing party. You’re all invited, by the way – but you’ll have to bring a dip or dippable of your own to share.

  • Sun-dried tomato and chili walnut layered dip wins hands-down for the most unusual and delicious-sounding title. The folks at fitsugar get the credit here (and for the photo above).
  • This gluten-free hummus recipe from The Kitchn is fairly basic, but what’s interesting are all the tips hidden in the comments. Next time I make hummus I’m definitely going to try starting with dried chickpeas instead of canned, and change it up by adding some cumin.
  • Viet World Kitchen has a beautiful recipe for seared ginger raita. It’s complicated and it has some ingredients I’m not too familiar with – like fresh curry leaf – but it sounds so fresh and unique that it’s worth hunting them down. Mamta’s Kitchen has 42 – count ‘m! – different raita recipes, if ginger isn’t your thing. #18 is a classic.
  • And then the salsas. As the weather slowly improves, expect to see more of these. For now, though, I’m daydreaming about blue corn chips with some gluten-free peach salsa a la The Perfect Pantry and the no-grill-required roasted tomato salsa from CD Kitchen.
  • The devilish folks at London’s Ottolenghi are responsible for a few of the pounds I carry on me (or carried circa 2004). Ottolenghi’s caponata is a bit complicated, though, so I might start out with this simpler caponata recipe from The Seasonal Chef. Both have that mushy mix of eggplant and capers that makes me wish I had webbed fingers (easier scooping).
  • I like Alton Brown’s tapenade recipe for two reasons. First, the steps are 1. Blend everything in a food processor. 2. Eat. Second, he reminds us that we need pitted olives. Having tried to pit a recipe’s worth of olives before, I can tell you that this reminder is one worth heeding.

What’s your favorite topping for your gluten-free crackers / tortilla chips / carrot sticks?

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