Cowabunga! Gluten-free Pizza Is Everywhere

Some happy news to celebrate the second day of spring:

There’s more gluten-free pizza in the world now than ever before!

Seriously, few things in the world are better than a good slice of pizza. The combination of starchy dough, tangy tomato sauce, melty cheese…it’s a beautiful thing. And thanks to the folks at Nick-n-Willy’s and Willy O’s, gluten-free pizza is increasingly easy to come by.

Some things worth noting:

  1. The two gluten-free pizza companies seem entirely unrelated. It’s just a funny coincidence that both are run by people named Willy.
  2. I’ve never tried food from either, so I can’t vouch for the taste in either case.

Michigan’s Willy Olund is the co-owner of Willy O’s Pizza & Grille, and according to this article in the Grand Rapids Press he’s taking his award-winning gluten-free pizza recipe and opening a 5,000 square-foot commercial kitchen.

The kitchen will produce frozen pizza crusts for retailers and also for restaurants who want to offer a gluten-free pizza to their customers. There will also be a retail element on-site where people can buy a gluten-free pizza either frozen, hot and ready to eat, or ready to be popped into the oven at home.

Although the facility is just this week up and running, it’ll take a few months for Willy O’s commercial distribution to get up and running.

Can’t wait that long for gluten-free pizza? If you’re the Midwest, you don’t have to. While some Nick-N-Willy’s locations were already offering a gluten-free crust for celiac diners, it’s just been announced that 14 new locations are joining the club. The new gluten-free menus are available in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Kansas; locations in Utah and Colorado already offered the gluten-free option.

The restaurant uses The Gluten-free Bistro’s gluten-free crust and offers a whole bunch of tasty-sounding toppings. They’ve also got some salads which appear to be gluten-free, and a variety of sandwiches and desserts which are definitely not gluten-free.

Have you had either Willy O’s or Nick-N-Willy’s (The Gluten-free Bistro’s) pizza? How was it?

2 thoughts on “Cowabunga! Gluten-free Pizza Is Everywhere”

  1. The Boulder CO Nick n Willy’s has been offering The Gluten Free Bistro’s pizza crust for some time now. I am OBSESSED with it. I have been GF for over 7 years and this is the best pizza crust that I have ever had, hands down! It is a must try!

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