Kellogg’s Announces Gluten-Free Rice Krispies for Summer 2011

I could wax poetic on the topics of breakfast and my childhood for a couple of paragraphs here, but I think it’s probably best if I don’t beat around the bush with this exciting news.

So, without further ado and according to

“After hearing from so many gluten-free families out there, we’re happy to bring you NEW Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® Gluten Free cereal, made with brown rice. It’ll be available in June, so be sure to ask your local supermarket to stock up!”


It’s worth noting that this isn’t quite the best news ever – in a perfect, gluten-free world Kellogg’s would have reformulated their original product to be gluten-free, a la Chex.

This means that those bake sale and bodega Rice Krispies treats are still off-limits for the most part. I guess it’s not such a shame since the cross-contamination issues possible in either of those situations are fairly high. And we can make our own treats now!

If, like me, you haven’t made a Rice Krispies treat in forever, here are some suggestions ranging from classic to fancy to get your creative juices flowing:

Will you buy the new, gluten-free Rice Krispies cereal? What will you do with it?

42 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Announces Gluten-Free Rice Krispies for Summer 2011”

  1. This is great news! I hope the price point isn’t too much more than the regular Rice Kispies. Although I love the fact that “gluten free” is so predominately featured on the box, I wish there was more focus on brown rice so it would attract people trying to be healthier first- since those of us that need gluten free will find it, even if it is written tiny on the box 😉

  2. I am so excited by this news! I’ve been using Rice Chex to make “Crispy Treats” and while it’s good, it just isn’t the same!

  3. It has been 38 years since I had Rice Krispies ~ what will I do with it ~ well enjoy the “snap, crackle, and pop” in my mouth instead of in my “‘bones”:)
    Miss Mary

  4. I know there is some debate over cocoa pebbles, but Post just came out with a GF cocoa pebbles bar….YUMMMM! Will try the new Rice Krispies and make treats with the first box, for sure.

  5. I am so excited!! Rice Krispies cereal was what I ate every day with a banana! Not to mention being able to make my own Rice Krispy treats again!! YAY!!

  6. I have to admit, I am disappointed that they will be selling both gluten-full and gluten-free. I can already pay a premium for a gluten-free rice crisp cereal. I was really hoping Kellogg’s would follow General Mills lead. I will only buy it if it is cheaper than Erewhon. And I doubt it will replace Chex at places like Sunday School or playdates where folks have told me they felt much more comfortable buying Chex for a GF snack because all but wheat and multigrain are GF.

  7. I agree with Colleen in that I am disappointed that Kellogg’s didn’t follow General Mills lead and make only gluten-free Rice Krispies. Hoping that they will not be more expensive than regular Rice Krispies.

  8. I am so glad that companys are doing what they can to make stuff gluten free. My 4 year old has Celiac and I know she’ll be happy to get some rice krispie treats again. It makes me wonder if maybe Snap, Crackle or Pop turned up to have Celiac, mmm.

  9. While this news is exciting, I wonder if this new product will be available in Canada or only limited to the States as will sooooo many other products.

    Tentatively thrilled!


  10. Please Kellogg’s make the box the same size and close if not the same price … play up the healthy brown rice and you can do this!

    Rice Crispy treats YEA!

  11. Excited, but, yes, here’s hoping it’s not more expensive. Why on earth would it have to have gluten in it in the first place?!? I’m loving the gf Chex, but I’m happy to have more options now, (other than the gf cereals that don’t taste that nice in the special aisle for $200 a box)!

  12. I was just flipping through the Scholastic parenting magazine and noticed a full page ad for Post Fruity Pebble Treats with “gluten free” featured prominently on the front of the box. Kellogg’s could do the same if all rice krispies were gluten-free.

  13. let’s see. RICE krispies, not WHEAT RICE krispies. or RICE WHEAT krispies. We are expected to believe RICE krispies.
    So, might this have been grossly misleading all along?
    Now they are RICE krispies?

  14. Seriously. The only “offending” ingredient in regular Rice Krispies is malt flavoring. How hard would it be to simply leave that out, instead of “re-creating” the cereal to be specifically gluten-free? My guess is, that making and packaging it to say “gluten-free” commands a higher price in the market, whereas the simple re-formulation of the brand wouldn’t result in higher profits. I hate to be so cynical, but when it comes to major manufacturers, it’s always, ALWAYS about the money….

  15. Kellogg’s has never responded to emails with concerns about GF issues. When they reformulated corn pops (then the only main stream cereal that GF kids could take to a sleep over) they ignored hundreds who protested. I will only buy these if they are the same price as regular rice krispies. Fat chance! It is all about money for many companies.

  16. You’re right, Cindy, the only ingredient I remember seeing on the Rice Krispies box is malt. All other ingredients seemed to be okay. Why change the rice? Is brown healthier??

  17. Yes Leona, brown rice is healthier as it has the bran portion in tact. And actually, I tend to like the brown rice crispy treat I make better than the Rice Krispy treats that I used to make before I went gf. The brown rice gives it a nuttier flavor which I like.

    I too wish they had reformulated their product as it would make it easier to find, and cheaper I’m sure. It wouldn’t have taken much effort on their part. I won’t be buying these new Rice Krispies unless they are priced the same as regular Rice Krispies and go on sale when regular Rice Krispies go on sale. Why support a greedy company when you can pay just a little more to support an independent company like Erewhon which has been supporting the gluten free community for many years now. I get 6 boxes of Erewhon from Amazon’s Subscribe and Save for about $3.46 per box and with Subscribe and Save there is no shipping cost.

  18. This also seems like a great excuse for Kellogg’s to say they don’t sell enough of the product and to pull it off of the market by having the dual Rice Krispies. I can also see the blogs lighting up now w/ people saying they bought Rice Krispies and got sick unaware that they got the ‘malted’ version. It happened when Chex first switched over and people got the old boxes. Some stores aren’t going to stock both products either.

  19. WOW! I have been yearning for gluten free Rice Krispies since the day I was diagnosed as a celiac 17 years ago. It is a toss-up as to what I will do with them first – a bowl of rice krispies or a batch of rice krispie treats which will be devoured solely by me! Maybe I will share the next batch with my family (if they behave and are fortunate enough to be offered any).

  20. Does anyone know if Kellogg’s did this right way? As in: new, dedicated GF facilities with, therefore, dedicated GF lines and dedicated equipment to make the cereal?

    General Mills acted like they understood and knew what they were doing, but I know of plenty of people, myself included, who have been glutened by the “gluten free” chex cereals and the “gluten free” Betty Crocker mixes because GM didn’t really understand how to do gluten free after all.

  21. I was so excited to see a coupon for the new GF rice krispies, that I walked to the nearest store to go buy some only to find out they don’t carry them yet. Then I got home & checked on line for the nearest store that might have them, and still no one within 20 miles has them yet. But I will be looking and waiting. I am graving Kellogs Rice Krispie treats.

  22. to Colleen and anyone else who thinks Erewhon’s Crispy Brown Rice Cereal is gluten free, it’s NOT> I bought some recently and it’s in my cupboard now, while my husband eats it. He opened it this am, and came to tell me it’s NOT. It’s Wheat free, yes, but has barley malt in it, so it has GLUTEN in it.
    sorry. I was disappointed too.
    So we went back to the store today, where I saw that Rice Crispies are now GF.. bought it, came home, read the box, saw no certification seal, had to look it up online, and finally found that yes, it’s at least produced in a different facility. So, that’s good. However, I agree with everyone else. They should go the route that GM took, and make the LINE GF. C’mon Kellogg’s —REALLY? Reg price = $4.99, surely more than ‘regular’; I’m glad Albertson’s had it on sale, half price! I don’t know if I’ll buy it again, honestly. (I never, ever liked the ‘treats’ myself)

    1. Meran, I’m sorry you got a box that wasn’t gluten-free / that there was a mix-up — my understanding is that the company is newly certified, perhaps your store was carrying older stock.

  23. gluten free rice crispys are harder and does not have a flavor any way close to regular rice crispys. can’t u leave regular rice and not brown and find a different flavoring?

  24. I’m not surprised there’s sugar and BHT. I just wont ever buy it. Nature’s path uses brown rice, sugar cane, sea salt & molasses, all organic ingredients. I’ll stick with them!

  25. Please post the UPC bar code on your website so we can pass that on to grocers for easy ordering. Looking forward to making my favorite treat again!

  26. Great Idea to have Gluten Free cereal but where is the fiber??? It is poor in fiber that it is essential !!! Needs to be improve !!!!

  27. Tried “Gluten-free” Rice Krispies today for the first time and an hour or two after experienced gluten allergy symptoms such as sore throat, head ache, and fatigue. This product does not have the official Gluten-Free stamp on the box so I would warn people who are suffering from gluten-intolerance to avoid this cereal because I experienced obvious allergic reactions.

  28. I’m not sure if the page I found was up-to-date or not, but here is Kellogg’s gluten free statement:

    Which of your products is gluten- or wheat-free?

    At this time, we do not offer products suitable for consumers on a gluten- or wheat-free diet. All of our products are produced in facilities that also manufacture wheat-containing products. We cannot guarantee that any products are 100% gluten- or wheat-free.

    Kellogg’s® Eggo™ Syrup and Kellogg’s™ Fruit Flavored Snacks are formulated gluten and wheat-free and may be acceptable for consumers on restricted diets. However, these products are produced in facilities that also manufacture other products that contain wheat. Consumers have varying sensitivities to gluten, and although we follow approved standardized manufacturing practices, some consumers are so sensitive that even wheat dust that may be in the product can result in a reaction. Therefore, we do not have any products that are gluten-free.

    Kellogg’s® Corn Pops and Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies might be suitable, depending on gluten sensitivity. Corn Pops have a very small amount of wheat starch added, and Rice Krispies have a small amount of malt flavoring, made from barley. Check with your personal physician to determine if these products are suitable for you.

  29. Why can’t I find gluten free rice krispies in any stores? I have tried Kroger, Wal Mart and Target, all in the Daytob Ohio area and there is not even shelf space designated for it.

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