Celiac Disease Resolution Raises Awareness in California

Many of us already think of May as a month of celiac awareness. But did you know that it isn’t recognized everywhere?

A nice gesture by California Senator Bob Huff moves to change that. The Senator has put forth a document with the less-than-descriptive name, Senate Concurrent Resolution SCR-7, which proposed making May 2011 the recognized month for celiac awareness in California.

The resolution passed the Floor vote at the Senate and is now en route to the State Assembly. It doesn’t come with any funding or any federal requirements, but it’s a nice gesture nevertheless and certainly there’s no such thing as too much awareness.

If you’d like to read the resolution, you can do so here.

As Senator Huff is quoted as saying, “Equal percentages of men and women are affected by celiac disease, and it can occur in men and women of all ages,” said Senator Huff. “Early detection of this disease is paramount. Children need to find out if they have celiac disease early on so that they can immediately be started on a gluten-free diet.”

If you live in California, why not take a minute to let the Senator know that he’s doing good work? You can contact him here.

How are you planning to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month?

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