Some fun news for our friends across the pond (the Atlantic pond, that is): you’re getting Amy’s Kitchen!

Food Manufacture UK reports that Amy’s Kitchen will begin production in June at their new Corby plant, smack-dab in the middle of England. Assuming all goes well, the plant will employ a few hundred people and produce more tasty food than you can shake a British stick at.

Now, the UK has no shortage of tasty gluten-free food – and not all of Amy’s offerings are gluten-free – but this is still pretty exciting news.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Amy’s has been churning out natural and organic vegetarian foods since 1987. The range includes a lot of frozen meals and snacks, along with canned soups, salsas and sauces. They’ve managed to successfully bring out lines from all over the world – Indian, Mexican, Italian, classic American, Thai – so regardless of what you’re craving, there’s probably an Amy’s item that fits the bill.

In the UK, Amy’s has already inked distribution deals with supermarkets Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and the health food store Holland & Barrett. At the start, they’ll produce the same items as we have here in North America and focus on the UK – but as time goes by the range will likely grow to include new items geared to the European market, and the distribution will expand to nearby countries.

Since the above article specifically mentions that supermarkets have expressed interest in the company’s gluten-free offerings, this should all be very good news for British celiacs (or, better said, coeliacs).

To take a look at Amy’s gluten-free offerings, have a click here. You’ll need to check “gluten intolerant” to pull up a list. Or, just download this PDF.

Personally, I’m daydreaming about the kinds of products that Amy’s will (hopefully) dream up after being in the UK market for a while. I’d love to see some pot pies or pasties make it to the gluten-free list and cross back into the US. And maybe some scones or crumpets or other delectably British breads. Or – ooh! – a classic English brekkie that would cook up while the eggs were frying. Yum.

What would you like to see Amy’s expand into? Or, if you’re reading from overseas, which of their gluten-free items are you hoping makes it to a market near you?