Review: Moondance Desserts Gluten-free Cookies

Sometimes I like to prove how grown up I am by choosing to do things that kids aren’t allowed to do.

Sneak cigarettes out back? No. Buy lotto tickets? Not really. But I do like to eat cookies for breakfast.

Happily for me, Moondance Desserts sent over 3 boxes of cookies for me to check out: that’s a lot of grown-up breakfast right there.

Moondance is based in Cincinnati, entirely gluten-free, and has a strong presence in the Midwest, the South, and on the East Coast. You can find their cheesecakes, cookies and brownies in Whole Foods and in a lot of local/independent markets.

But enough about that. How do they taste?

The company sent me their three cookies: Chocolate Crinkle, Mexican Wedding, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar.

I loved the Chocolate Crinkle, and bizarrely I’d been talking about how I missed these cookies just days before the box arrived. Although they tasted fantastic on Day 1, I’m happy to report that even after the novelty of having my mind read wore off, they remained delicious. A nice crisp bite, pleasantly chocolaty and chewy, and the powdered sugar kept its pretty decorative purpose (and did not soak into the cookie) for as long as the container lasted. These also tasted quite nice broken up and mixed with plain yogurt (see, Mom? I didn’t eat just cookies. Sometimes, at least.).

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar was also a success, and a nice twist on the traditional flavor palate. These were made to be dunked and eaten in two bites, in my opinion: with coffee they were divine, with milk I’m sure they’d be lovely, and they were yummy on their own too. The first ingredient is brown sugar, and that homey flavor came across in every bite.

My least favorite were the Mexican Wedding Cookies, but not because they were bad: I just really like chocolate, and there’s no chocolate in this traditional recipe. That being said, the cookies were sweet and buttery and generously filled with nuts and exactly how a Mexican Wedding Cookie is supposed to be (at least. I think so. I’ve never been to a Mexican wedding).

With all the varieties, I really don’t think a non-celiac would suspect they were eating “special” cookies. And for that, I’d say Moondance Desserts is pretty gosh-darn special.

If you’ve had any of Moondance’s gluten-free desserts, what did you think? Which are your favorites?

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