GF Restaurant Guide Update: California Pizza Kitchen

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Oftentimes, in airports, I cast a sad glance in the direction of California Pizza Kitchen.

I remember the pre-celiac days and delicious, wacky pizza. I remember the post-diagnosis days of wondering why I would go to a pizza place for a salad (answer: I wouldn’t / haven’t. At least not at an airport, and those are the only CPKs I seem to encounter these days).

But: happy news for those of you who live near a CPK and sometimes need a change from making your own pizza (frozen or fresh): they’re getting a gluten-free crust!

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the chain is incorporating a gluten-free crust option as a part of a larger revamping.

The menu is slimming down, both in terms of number of items and health value (expect to see some salads at less than 600 calories each). It’s also getting slightly more expensive — 0.7%, the first reported increase in 2 years. As far as I can tell, the new menu will be in both domestic and international locations, including a handful of new California Pizza Kitchens scheduled to open in Mexico, China, and India.

As your gluten-free restaurant guide will tell you, California Pizza Kitchen already has a gluten-free menu. It’s not much, but at least it highlights the options that should be safe and indicates that staff should already be trained in dealing with gluten-free requests.

Do you have a California Pizza Kitchen near you? If so, have you tried out their existing gluten-free menu? Will you try their new pizzas?

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