Celiac Vaccine Shows Promising Results From Human Trials

A while ago we posted about a promising Australian vaccine for celiac disease. And then about a similar set-up in the US, from Cambridge-based ImmusanT.

When we first wrote, the vaccine’s initial human trials were scheduled to get underway in Australia. For 11 months, 40 brave celiacs agreed to try the vaccine out. Now that those months are over, results are in. And they’re promising.

Did your ears just perk up a little bit? I sure hope so.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the first-stage trial found the vaccine was, “was safe and had the desired biological response in patients with the disorder.”

The vaccine works similarly to other vaccines: it exposes a person’s system to elements of something toxic, in order to train the body on how best to fight the toxin. Or, in this case, how best to chill out and make friends with the toxin.

Small doses of the vaccine were given to patients in the study over a period of time, in order to slowly build up resistance. The vaccine contains the specific fragments of the gluten molecule found toxic by researcher Bob Anderson.

Anderson estimates that if the trials continue satisfactorily, the vaccine could help 90% of celiacs with the disease’s DQ2 genetic form. It could also be used as an alternate means of diagnosis, since it would trigger a negative response in any celiac patient if given in a large enough dose.

Down the line, the vaccine could also provide a model for treating other immune disorders, like Type 1 diabetes.

As the trials continue, we’ll keep you posted on the results. In the meantime, maybe it’s OK to start daydreaming about that first gluten-y treat. I think mine would be a croissant. Or a slice of pizza made by someone originally named Ray or Mario. You?

61 thoughts on “Celiac Vaccine Shows Promising Results From Human Trials”

  1. Would it work for people allergic to wheat in addition to gluten? Or am I still drooling in front of pastry shops?

  2. Will it specifically work only for DQ2 genetic form….what are the other forms…could you please throw some light? Looking fwd to treating my lil one before the year ends!! Thanks.

  3. Croissants! *drools* Oh, the flaky, buttery, pastry goodness that is a croissant. How great would it be to dine and travel without worry?

  4. a real crusty french bread warm from the oven; fresh donuts; challah braed and egg bagels; eclairs & whoopie pies; a Big Mac; licorice; BEER!!

  5. This is soooo funny that these are in our fantasies. For me yes Pizza, b-daycake, chocolate ice cream, a crispy creme donut, pasta with high content gluten sauce, oh yeah, and a sandwich, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. This is interesting. As someone with the DQ8 allele, I’m wondering why it only works for the DQ2 form. I have always been told that once triggered, celiac disease is essentially the same no matter how it originated.

  7. A Krispy Kreme Donut, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from Publix, “Delivery” pizza and oddly enough a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptart.

  8. Hefeweisen!! Is it a problem my fave beer pre-diagnosis was wheat beer?? Do miss great french & sourdough breads and triscuits too. This would be such a great development if it works. Thanks for the promising news!

  9. Logan is my son and i know his first thing to eat would be Raising Canes Chicken! Logan just turned 11 last Tuesday and this would be wonderful if he could have a vaccine that would allow him to lead a more “normal” life style. Logan is very active and loves to LIVE LIFE!! He’s a great kid and i would love to see his way of life become easier for him. Donna

  10. BEER!!!! A degustation of all of my favorite beers! OHHHHH that would be SOOOOOO nice! And pastas too, and desserts!!!!!

  11. I don’t get it…. it says it works by exposing someone to something toxic so the body learns how to fight toxins….weren’t we all doing that when we ate gluten? (a toxin to use). Seems like if that’s how we were going to fix it we should just keep eating gluten till our bodies learn to fight it.

  12. Blackberry Cobbler & Key-Lime Pie w/regular crust.
    Honey Nut Cheerios & Fiber-One Honey Clusters.
    All Mexican, Italian, & Chinese Food with no fears.
    Just being able to eat out with others anywhere they want & me not creating a fuss.

  13. I’m sorry but I do NOT trust vaccines. And it takes MANY years to prove their safety, if they try to prove it at all. Almost ALL vaccines are mixed with chemicals that are damaging to the human body. So I’ll wait in line until years after others have taken the shot. I’m no guinea pig. Thanks!

  14. Spanikopeta, Chicago style pizza, a crusty sourdough baguette, a raised donut, a NY bagel, the list goes on, and on, and on…Hopefully within 5 years, could you imagine!

  15. I have never heard of this vaccine before. I just called my gastroenterologist who diagnosed me 7 years ago and the nurse said they don’t test for DQ2 or DQ8. What are they?? I never heard of them before either.

  16. Smart guy, that Daniel!!! Get the essential nutrition you need (see Dr. Wallach). Nothing tastes as good as good health feels. Celiac or not pastry, sugar and beer doesn’t make for a long, healthy, productive life. Do the research on your own-you’re worth it.

  17. I would make my husband bake his grandmother’s recipe for Devil’s Food Cake ! And I being a great pie maker would make us a homemade apple pie!!

  18. When will they begin testing or trials here in the US and where. How can one get into those trials.

  19. Will this vaccine help people who are intolerant to gluten, as shown by lab tests, and symptoms, but have not been diagnosed with celiac disease?

  20. Crusty warm bread right out of the oven, maybe even homemade. (I miss kneading the dough.) & Ovaltine mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  21. My son developed gluten issues and a completely dysregulated immune system BECAUSE of vaccines- I would never give another to any member of my family. And vaccines are given for viruses and bacteria. Does that mean they’re saying Celiac has a microbial component?? And vaccines cause antibody production, but Celiacs already produce antibodies to gliadin…THAT’S the problem! More questions than answers here.

  22. The DQ2 and DQ8 are the specific genes that have been found in persons with Celiac Disease. If you have one of these genes it is very likely that you will sometime in your life develop Celiac Disease. Doctors do not regularly send lab work to see which gene you have. It is a VERY expensive test and up until this point it had no change in your diagnosis or treatment. To answer some of the comment posts: the vaccine sounds like it would work similarly to the shots available to treat allergies. I am excited and can’t wait for a Krispy Creme donut!

  23. Why take a vaccine when all you have to do is avoid gluten? Avoidance seems like a much safer solution to me and with the explosion of gluten free products and gluten free menus in restaurants, it is certainly easy to do.

  24. I would love to sit down and order without the big discussion…When ever I am out, I go last, so I can stress the importance of GF and care needed to keep me safe…Just a buttered Bagel with coffee, how good it was…

  25. Eating withfriends and family without fear; also being able to eat at friends houses without interrogation. Anything baked and sweet. I am willing to be a guinea pig where do I sign up.

  26. Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, a salad with Ranch dressing, and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I thought if I ever ate this again, it would be my last supper. I’m with Kristen & Carrie: more questions than answers here, but please keep us posted.!!

    btw, I took activated charcoal a couple times after eating bread and it seemed to help. Has any one else tried that?

  27. Just to go into a restaurant and not have to do any explaining! And not have to worry about other people contaminating my food! A good French restaurant with flour-thickened sauces would be awfully nice…

  28. Just think how much better we all eat now that we are gluten-free. Less processed food, more whole foods. If the vaccine works and you eat all the above items like you used to then your next diagnoses will be diabetes.

  29. I miss bagels and bread sooo much. But I always look on the bright side and prior to diagnosis I weighed 230lbs. Now I’m 140lbs. I think it would be easy to get fat again if I could eat anything.
    And Kimber, activated charcoal is a REALLY bad idea. It won’t prevent you developing colon cancer if you continue to eat wheat. Which is a risk factor with Celiac disease.

  30. Just think of how this vaccine may negatively impact the availability of gluten-free products and menus for the rest of the population that must stay away from gluten. There may no longer be a high demand for gluten-free products and menus, so carrying gluten-free items may no longer make sense for grocery stores and restaurants. It may be seen as too much trouble.

  31. Though eating GF is getting a bit better, there is nothing “easy” about a GF lifestyle. Although I wouldn’t make a steady diet of beer, doughnuts, pizza, or croissants, it would be nice to have one of those occasionally, but mostly it would be a relief not to fear the surprise attack after accidental gluten consumption. I can understand the concern and skepticism about vaccines–especially for those who have had a bad reaction to another vaccine–but to be able to go to a family gathering without taking my own food or having others try to accommodate my dietary needs (and sometimes make a mistake) would be fabulous.

  32. I am eating much more healthfully now than when I was diagnosed 12 years ago; I don’t really miss the junk food anymore. What I do miss is homemade 100% whole wheat bread that can be kneaded, and which will keep for more than 3 days. As it is, I use a bread machine, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread mix, with the addition of 1/4 C teff (whole grain not flour), and 2 Tbsp Rice bran (both also BRM). It’s the best flavored & textured GF bread I have found, but I have to use more oil than I want to get it to stay fresh at all. Thus, 1 slice with butter is 20 grams fat which means eating only an occasional slice & throwing most of the loaf in the compost heap. That first hot slice is soooo delish though, and doesn’t need butter!
    It also would be nice not to have to obsess about cross-contamination. Last week, I ordered from the so-called “GF” menu, and found a noodle on my plate. Although they brought me another order, and did not charge me for either, I still had diarrhea for hours afterward. Of course, we are not going back there!

  33. Big sticky gooey cinnamon rolls! Oh how I crave thee. Oh blessed fortune allow that we meet again.

  34. note the article says the vaccine produced the ” desired biological response” in the ginea pigs-i mean subjects. It doesn’t NOT say they were cured. i think i’ll pass on the poison for now and continue to pay 2x the price for my GF ‘oreos’.

  35. Also interesting is the use of Pinky and The Brain as the pic for the article. Could that be Big Pharma trying to take over the world with their vaccines?

  36. Be afraid of ANY vaccine. Our kids are more sickly, diseased & have autism beyond belief. And as grown-ups we would be willing to have the substance that has made us sick injected into our bodies just so we can go out & eat things that made us sick???? Hello?? Does this not sound a bit crazy?
    I have never felt better in my life & I will be darned if I am going backwards instead of enjoying all of the incredible gluten free items that are now available. We were gluten free way before the store shelves stocked these great items. Bread was cardboard. I will NEVER use ANY poisonous vaccine.

  37. @JessicaRN The DQ2 and DQ8 test is NOT expensive. Anyone can order it themselves from http://www.EnteroLab.com for $175. All you do is swab the inside of your cheek. This will only confirm if you have the genetic predisposition for Celiac Disease. However, many who do not have these genes will still have Gluten Sensitivity which can be just as serious. Celiac Disease is just ONE of the many manifestations of Gluten Sensitivity.

  38. OMG!! Go to any non gluten free resturaunt, grab a menu, close my eyes, and randomly point to something, order it and eat it! The FREEDOM to choose ANYTHING on the menu would be a dream come true!!!!

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