Heinz Convinces US Gov to Overturn Gluten-free Italian Pasta Import Tax

An interesting piece of news flitted across my screen the other day. The US decided to revoke the countervailing duty (CVD) on a certain type of Italian pasta: gluten-free. The change in rules came at the request of Heinz.

Obviously, my first thought was, “pasta!” I’m not actually the biggest fan of pasta, but still. Sometimes a girl’s got an itch that only a big bowl of spirals with tomato sauce and cheese can scratch. And more choices is certainly never a bad thing.

My second thought was, “huh?” Why would Heinz care enough about my access to gluten-free pasta to petition the government on my behalf? I put on my sleuthing hat and found the answer.

Heinz owns a line of gluten-free pasta called BiAglut. BiAglut’s been making gluten-free pasta in Italy since 1964; it’s unclear to me when the line became a part of Heinz or if it’s been a Heinz brand since the beginning.

The pasta is made in Italy but has fairly wide European distribution. BiAglut also makes cookies, fresh/soft breads, even pudding. Many of their lines are egg and/or dairy free as well. These products will not be affected by the ruling.

It’s worth noting that a company called Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods objected to the overturned tariffs. Because they represent “substantially all” domestic production (more than85%), their objection wasn’t supported. Maplegrove is apparently North America’s largest producer of gluten-free pasta, which seems odd since their Pastariso and Pastato brands aren’t particularly well-distributed. However, they make a good deal of gluten-free private-label pasta for other brands (and a good deal of pasta that gets included as an ingredient in other gluten-free things).

Back to BiAglut’s gluten-free pasta, though. I’d be surprised if we didn’t all start seeing it on supermarket shelves over the next few months – which begs the question: have you had a chance to try BiAglut’s products? What did you think?

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20 thoughts on “Heinz Convinces US Gov to Overturn Gluten-free Italian Pasta Import Tax”

  1. We really like BiAglut pasta. It is a very good corn pasta. I had a small reservation when I realized it was Heinz product, but I think they are trying to be responsive to gluten free demand. Also I like it that several of their ketchups do not have HF corn syrup in them.

  2. I’ve been diagnosed for 15 years now and initially there was very little on the shelves. Growing up in Sweden, I used to travel a lot to Italy and would buy BiAglut by the pounds in their pharmacies to bring home. Normally travelled with an extra bag just for that. Italians have very high standards when it comes to pasta and there are very few brands that even today can rival BiAglut. Can’t wait until it hits the shelves here!!!

  3. I love BiAglut pasta. I think that it is as just as good or maybe even better than regular pasta. It is a bit more expensive, but well worth it. I’d rather pay the higher price and enjoy it. My daughter also loves it and she does not even have to eat gluten free.

  4. I’m happy to hear that BiAglut is back. When it left the shelves, it was the only pasta we had found that had the consistency of traditional pasta that we enjoyed so much. We loved it. It was always expensive though. There are now so many new choices, and at more competitive prices, so we’ll see where Heinz/BiAglut ranks. My family will be looking forward to trying it again though.

  5. BiAglut was bought out by Heinz in the last few years. Prior to that they made the most amazing egg free wheat free milk and soy free pasta that was made from Buckwheat. The current pasta ingredients are now bean based – I miss the old formula.. Biaglut has my vote for the #1 allergy free product.

  6. I am anxious to find BiAglut pasta here in Atlanta, GA. Most of the pasta products I’ve tried have not had the consistency and taste that I desire.
    Heinz is a brand that I purchase so this news makes it even more inviting to try BiAglut pasta. Hopefully Publix and Kroger will stock it.

  7. Part of me feels for smaller companies who get shoved to the side as larger companies jump onto the g.f. bandwagon. BUT… the consumer side of me is pleased with this news, because there have been a number of large companies who, when they decide to go g.f., they really do it RIGHT — producing them in dedicated facilities, being certified with GIG or another well-known organization that is well-versed in the needs of celiac consumers… So, over all, I’m happy about Heinz and BiAglut. Since Heinz is an American company, I’ve got to think that Heinz bought out BiAglut, or something like that, rather than it “belonging” to Heinz in the first place. But, again, if the distribution power of Heinz enables American consumers to have a great product at a reasonable price, I find myself rooting for Heinz in this instance.

  8. BiAglut is good pasta. I think Le Veneziane is the best, though, and it sounds like they will get cheaper too! Thank you, Heinz.

  9. I discovered BiAglut several years ago and was very pleased since most of the american made pasta was not very good at that time. I have ordered biaglut by mail from a company in New York. It would be wonderful if the super markets in Colorado would start carrying it.

  10. Biglut has been a wonderful discovery for me. Most of the domestic pasta does not compare with the taste and quality of biglut. I have had to order it by mail and would be happy to see it in Colorado super markets.

  11. As other reviewers have stated, I think that BiAglut is the best and closest to “real” pasta that I have tried. It is expensive and I hope that Heinz will
    now be able to reduce the price, so that everyone can enjoy it!

  12. I’ve tried the Tagliatelle and it was the best GF pasta I’ve had. Even my husband who is not Gluten Intolerant who always hates any of the GF Pasta I make actually liked this one.

  13. I do miss regular wheat pasta for taste with all my homemade sauces. However, BiAglut PastaMia pastas are my favorite and a very close match up. If you’re from the Clinton Township, MI area you’ll find it at Vince & Joes Market. Enjoy!

  14. I will look for it. Lundberg is the best I have had, better than what I remember as regular wheat pasta from years ago.

  15. I have never liked corn-based pasta. I’ve found a rice-based pasta that tastes so much like “real” pasta that even my friends can’t tell it’s GF. The brand is Rizopia. Another brand name that makes a lot of good tasting products is Schar (crackers, bread sticks, cookies, etc.). I have also found GF bagettes made by Against the Grain Gourmet. They come frozen. Thaw for 30 sec. in the microwave and then crisp in the oven. It also makes great French toast!

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