courtesy New York Press

Ever notice that there’s no such thing as gluten-free beer in a can?

I, for one, hadn’t – but if you have, maybe it’s been causing you some distress.

Worry no more: Henderson, Nevada’s Joseph James Brewing Company is releasing the nation’s first gluten-free beer in a can.

The lucky beer is their Fox Tail Gluten-Free Pale Ale, which Joseph James describes as, “A gluten free pale that has citrus notes and is light bodied. You will find no sorghum in this beer, but rather organic rices, nectars and North American hops” according to this article in

I got this news from my friend Greg over at The Pour Curator, and asked him why this was such a novelty. To paraphrase, he said:

“Gluten-free beer has always been a niche market and an expensive one at that. Originally, it was only made by the big breweries, and it didn’t make sense for them to shave a few pennies off the cost of shipping (by canning) if it meant sacrificing the perceived value of a bottled beer.

However, since the market for gluten-free beer is expanding, it makes sense that some of the smaller craft brewers can get into the game. Because they’re more cost-sensitive than the biggies – and also because they’ve been introducing more respectable beers in cans in general – we’re now seeing a shift towards canned gluten-free beer.”

Greg also made a very good point: now I can finally have a beersicle.

Let the summer begin.