Today, I’m hoping we can all rally around a cause near and dear to my heart. I’m guessing it’s a fond memory for many of you, as well.

Of what cause am I speaking? Only one of the most formative experiences of a young girl’s life: the selling of Girl Scout cookies.

Say what you will about the merits of Girl Scouts; those cookies are an American icon that most of us encounter on a yearly basis. And if you’ve lived any portion of your life as a gluten-eater, you’ve probably got a favorite (mine were Samoas, which sometimes masquerade under the name Caramel deLites).

Despite the approximately 132,000 Girl Scouts with food allergies (out of a total 3.3 million Scouts nationwide), there’s never been a gluten-free Girl Scout cookie. One dedicated mom is trying to change that. As a community, I think we can help.

Stacy Malinow’s daughter Elle is dutifully selling cookies on behalf of her local troop on Long Island. As a celiac child, though, she can’t enjoy a single one. The local Examiner has a good overview of the situation, so I’ll just link to that article and pull out the detail I find most heart-rending:

Malinow said, “When my daughter is asked what’s your favorite cookie, she has a tough time with that, because she can’t answer that. She generally says Thin Mints, because she knows she likes mint, but she’s never had the cookies.”

As with everything, money talks. The two companies that manufacture Girl Scout cookies have indicated that were demand high enough, they would consider creating a gluten-free cookie.

What can you do to help? Go to and sign the petition. Then, share the link.