Gluten-free Grocery Guide App Makes Shopping Easy

I got an iPhone the other week. It’s both useful, as in “since I work for myself, I work all the time, and this lets me work from the checkout line at the grocery store,” and “useful” – as in, “sometimes I really need to know the words to ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’, now.”

Back to that grocery store checkout line. Did you know Triumph Dining has an iPhone app version of the gluten-free grocery guide?

Incidentally, I’ve been told the grocery store nearest my home is a known pick-up scene (the check-out puns must be an inevitable precursor to modern romance). No-one’s ever picked me up; probably it’s all the Def Leppard work up on my screen.

But you probably don’t want to know about that. Let’s talk about the app instead.

First things first, you can get it by following this link, which will open up in iTunes.

Second things second, if you already have the print version of the book you’ll be able to hit the ground running with the app. It’s basically exactly the same, except better. You can browse around and dial-down into the categories (for example, Frozen Foods ⇒ Ice Cream ⇒ It’s Soy Delicious Black Leopard). Or you can search for a word and the app will instantly pull up any matches.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, whether or not you have the book already. So that’s the beginning. But then what happens when you select Black Leopard? And what are those funny little symbols?

The symbols are an easy way to get more information about the project. My chosen example, for example, has a green check mark next to it. When I select it, I’m brought to a screen with more information. There, I’m told that the green check mark indicates that gluten testing is performed by the company. Sweet!

Other symbols indicate a gluten-free facility, a risk of cross-contamination, etc. The deeper into the app you go, the more information you get. At the end of the day, of course, it’s up to each and every one of us to decide what level of risk we’re comfortable with – and to read the labels, because sometimes ingredients change.

Do you have the iPhone app? The print version? Both? Neither?

6 thoughts on “Gluten-free Grocery Guide App Makes Shopping Easy”

  1. Are you working on a Blackberry app by chance?? I can’t change phones for another year! :) The app sounds fantastic! Thanks!

  2. Can’t wait for the grocery app for the Droid!
    It is so hard to know what is the best or latest when buying items at the grocery store.
    Thank you.

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