Review: Bakery On Main’s TrueBars, a Welcome GF Treat

Can I make a confession?

You know how all those bars – energy bars, meal replacement bars, protein bars – are sort of designed to be meal-replacers?

Yeah. About that. I don’t like replacing my meals, but I do like a handful of the gluten-free bars out there. So I just eat them, plus my meals.

I suppose that’s not an especially shocking confession, but what DID shock me was how quickly I plowed through the TrueBars Bakery on Main sent over. I went looking for another one this morning to chow down on – but as much as I rummaged through the catch-all bowl on our kitchen table, I just couldn’t find one.

The bars don’t claim to be meal-replacers so much as convenient snacks, which is exactly what they were. My favorite was either the Walnut Cappucino or the Apricot Almond Chai. I wasn’t prepared to enjoy the combination of coffee and “bar”, I don’t like to sweeten my coffee or eat it with fruit, but for whatever reason I totally dug these two flavor combinations.

The others were tasty as well. Two have chocolate, and happily the chocolate was well-integrated into the bar (thus avoiding the dreaded ‘chunks of chocolate falling off your bar and getting melty on your nice clean shirt’ tragedy).

Also notable: the bars are GFCO-certified, they’ve all got chia seeds for some omega-3s, and are kosher and dairy-free. Also-also notable: Bakery on Main is offering free shipping right now through the website, so if you think you might want to try the TrueBars out, now might be a good time.

What are your favorite gluten-free bars? Why do you like them?

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