Happy 4th of July! And some (gluten-free) jokes.

Happy 4th everyone!

I hope you’re all out barbequing and enjoying the holiday, so I won’t put too much up here to distract you from your important, festive duties.

Just some jokes, because a) I found them and b) who doesn’t love jokes?

Even though my own experience doesn’t qualify me (thankfully) for several of the items on it, I loved this list of “You know you have celiac if” jokes from the facebook page of Life Beyond Wheat Bakery in Antigo, WI. (Incidentally: I can’t find a functioning website for these folks, but if anyone’s been: how was it?)

My favorite? #52: If you’ve disinherited loved ones for putting their knife in your mayo.

I also like what Vegiac.com, a vegan- and vegetarian-GF community, has done with the list. Not only are there MORE, but there’s this cartoon:

There are some more in the same vein at Switch 2 Gluten Free, and a bunch of classic jokes at Gluten-Free Optimist (disclaimer, some of them I don’t get).

Do you have anything to add to the lists? Or any favorite gluten-free jokes?

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