Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies, for your Gluten-Free Cookie Monster

One benefit (or peril) of being a blogger is that when it comes food, when it rains it pours.

The other week was a cereal storm, the horizon shows a smattering of loaves of bread, etc etc. But the week before last, our weather system was full of cookies.

Enjoy Life Crunch Cookies, to be precise. Four boxes descended on the apartment, and we made short work of them. The verdict? Pretty tasty.

There are four flavors to choose from: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Sugar Crisp, and Vanilla Honey Graham.

Some things they have in common:
• All of the cookies are based on a blend of flours that includes rice, buckwheat and millet.
• All fall within the same general calorie/fat range: 2 cookies have 110-120 calories and 5-7 grams of fat.
• Packaging: the cookies are well-protected in the box, and we didn’t see any breakage / got to enjoy nice, whole cookies.
• Size: I forgot to measure, but you could probably rest a cookie on top of your coffee mug without worrying about it falling in. Unless you drink from a really big mug.
• Texture: Unsurprisingly, they were crunchy! They did tend to soften fairly quickly (especially since they were sitting in our humid kitchen), and so I’d say if you want to maintain maximum crunch you either need to eat fast or put them in a tupperware or other airtight container.

Some specifics worth calling out:
• The Double Chocolate Chip was our hands-down favorite. This might be (OK, is) because we love chocolate. Good texture, held up well to being quickly dunked, nice chocolatey flavor, even chip distribution.
• The Sugar Cookies were also nice. If I would have had some chocolate frosting (or the willpower to go to the store and get some) I would have made a frosting sandwich or six, and then stomped around my house like Pizza the Hut.
• Honey Graham was fine. We certainly ate them quickly enough. But, I can’t give it an objective review because I can’t figure out where the chocolate would go in this cookie – I think it was made for people who (gasp!) prefer their cookies without the stuff.
• I know that Enjoy Life sent cookies to quite a number of bloggers, and that a few who got to their posting before me mentioned this already. My fellow bloggers are wise. They said that the Chocolate Chip Cookies would go great with some ice cream, also in sandwich form. They were right.

Have you tried the Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies? Which flavors did you like?

If you’ve got ice cream sandwiches on the brain, here’s an easy video with some sandwich-making suggestions.

One thought on “Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies, for your Gluten-Free Cookie Monster”

  1. Um, how do you incorporate the chocolate into a graham cracker? By making s’mores, of course!!! (Or by smearing chocolate frosting on it, my favorite snack in the world at 12 years old)

    How would the graham hold up for that use??

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