OK ok ok ok I know this blog isn’t a spot for my personal problems. But you know how the other day I was saying I got dumped by a caveman?

That was lame. It was no fun. I would have preferred it did not happen, but it did, and that’s how the gluten-free cookie crumbles. I guess it’s not a very big gluten-free cookie – we weren’t dating for very long, really.

The reason I’m blathering on about this is that this was my first experience dating someone else who was gluten-free. And it was awesome. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make, but it was really nice.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? No need to educate and explain, no need to turn down offers for a bite of this or that, no need to feel like a pain in the butt when I ask the waiter the celiac run-down questions.

Perhaps more importantly, no worries about whether or not he might have eaten a sandwich before seeing me, how much beer is too much beer, and whether or not I’d pick up some cross-contamination from kissing him (ew, cooties, gross!).

He understood why getting boxes of cereal to sample was exciting, little things like that. An embarrassing amount of my life revolves around food, and the sharing of it, and easy sharing made for a happy me.

Clearly there are many wonderful gluten-eating individuals out there, and the ones that I’ve dated in the past have been accommodating and understanding and never once tried to sneak some flour onto my plate to see if I was just joking about the whole thing. But if I had my druthers, well, I wouldn’t mind meeting someone else who was GF.

Which all leads me to ask:

What’s dating been like for you? I’m less interested (at this juncture) in serious relationships – where you can reasonably expect someone to deal with your issues – than I am with the process of getting to know someone.

On your second date, for example, let’s imagine the waiter brings out your food with a slice of bread on top. What to do? How best to not-get-sick while also maintaining your grace and charm?

More importantly: do you know any eligible gluten-free gentlemen in Pittsburgh? I could use a rebound. Ideally mid-to-late twenties, smart and cute (I admit it, I’m shallow). We can flip through the gluten-free restaurant guide and find a nice spot for a gluten-free date.