CPKA quick read through the comments on both our original and follow-up posts about California Pizza Kitchen’s new gluten-free pizzas makes two things pretty clear:

First: more of you (by the number of comments on the follow-up only) had positive experiences than negative.

Second: many of you still have some significant concerns, sometimes as a direct result of cross-contamination.

For those of you in the second group especially, I think the Gluten-Free Glutton‘s chat with CPK corporate will be heartening.

As published in the Florida Times-Union last week, a spokeswoman for California Pizza Kitchen admitted that management didn’t fully understand the danger of cross-contamination when they launched the menu. However, she’s reported as saying , “They’ve taken notice and they’re changing a lot of things.”

According to the article, all kitchens are now instructed to use clean plates and utensils, and cook the pizzas in foil boats to avoid contamination. The article also acknowledges that there’s still plenty of wheat flour in the kitchen, so complete confidence is hard to come by. It’s worth adding that this is the case with almost any pizzeria serving both gluten-free and gluten-full dough, of course.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the same thing as it did before: trust your gut (pun intended). Talk with your local CPK. Some are clearly more well-versed in the gluten-free diet than others.

As management becomes better-aware, though, it’s quite likely that more and more of us will find our local California Pizza Kitchen does understand the risks and requirements of feeding someone with celiac disease. I’d never blame anyone for hesitating to return to the source of a glutening, but it does seem like CPK is going to make a good-faith effort to keep things safe going forward. Given that they could just as easily decide to cut their losses and pull the gluten-free menu altogether, or refuse to make any changes at all, I’d say CPK is moving in the right direction.

Your thoughts?