Shopska Salad: Best Gluten-free Salad Ever?

Shopska SaladI was driving back to Pittsburgh the other day, and my route took me right past a farm stand.

I’m a sucker for farm stands. Car stopped, I took a stroll through some produce. When I asked what had been grown on the farm (as opposed to elsewhere in Pennsylvania), the man pointed to these gigantic cucumbers and buckets of tomatoes, so that’s what I got.

Unfortunately (fortunately?), he wouldn’t sell me just two of each. It was 5 for a dollar, and goshdarnit he was not about to go making change. Since I’d be racing the clock trying to eat these veggies, my mind turned to one thing only: shopska salad.

Shopska is arguably the best salad ever, so good that it deserves its own post.
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Canker Sores and Celiac Disease: Correlated, but Why?

Neither pâté nor canker sores are photogenic, so enjoy this flippin' adorable puppy.

I ate some bad paté the other day.

Bad for two reasons: one, it just wasn’t that good. Two, despite what I thought was a careful ingredient check, I got glutened.

How do I know? Because I woke up the next morning with a canker sore. Ugh.

It’s been a while since I had one of those; in fact, it’s probably been since the last time I ate something I shouldn’t have. These days the correlation is pretty strong, but it took me a while to realize that the two were related. I don’t remember now if I found out by reading it online, or just by connecting the dots with my own symptoms.

So, does one condition necessitate the other? As with so much celiac research, the answer is, “sometimes, maybe.”
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FDA’s Gluten-Free Labeling Laws, Part 3

Since it’s Friday, something fun:

I guess Kate Gosselin of reality-TV fame has a bakery? Anyway, she pulled a classic move – flirtation via baked good – only to find that the target of her affections was gluten-free. Nice to have you on our team, random TV guy!

I have some cross-contamination concerns regarding the gluten-free cupcake they found for the dude, but I haven’t watched the show. Check it out for yourself here.

Now, down to business. Let’s wrap up all this FDA talk today, shall we?
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Mid-week News: Winn-Dixie Recall, Smart Balance Buys Glutino

NASDAQ building
Gluten-free stocks, anyone?

A quick break from the FDA today, to share two small bits of news.

There’s an interesting acquisition/merger to chat about, but first: a recall. The recall affects Winn-Dixie stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Three Winn-Dixie branded baked goods were improperly labeled regarding their egg and wheat content. If you have any of the products in question you can return them to your local Winn-Dixie for a refund or exchange. The items, according to First Coast News, are:
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