Hemp: yet another gluten-free grain

The other day I saw a recipe for gluten-free tabouli, and I was intrigued. I used to quite like the stuff – a refreshing salad with parsley, mint, lemon juice, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, and kryptonite. I mean, erm, cracked bulger wheat.

I am almost positive I’ve not had tabouli in 8 years; it’s not something you often see modified for the gluten-free diet. So I was curious – what would the recipe use to replace the wheat?

My guess was quinoa, but instead it was hempseed. Interesting! A new grain! Turns out hemp seed is gluten-free, edible, and really healthy.

Hemp is higher in protein than soy, and also contains omega-3s and omega-6s, chlorophyll, vitamin E, and some other useful things. It’s got a nutty taste and can be found in a few different forms: hulled seeds, flour or powder, oil, etc.

But what do you do with it?

Turns out, there are lots of options. Most recipes that you might enrich with a sprinkling of flax powder would also benefit from hemp.

You can use the oil in place of olive oil, for example in this gluten-free hemp hummus recipe (scroll down the page a-ways). Or you can mix it with rice into a no-meat no-gluten meatloaf.

Whole Foods suggests making some hempseed apricot chews, which are also vegan and don’t require any cooking. This is as good a time as any for me to mention that Whole Foods carries hemp products, which are also available online and more than likely in your favorite local natural / health store.

Nutiva, who sell hemp in addition to a few other foods, offer recipes like Moroccan carrot and hemp salad and a creamy hemp garlic dressing (since when does dressing ADD to the health value of a salad?).

Lastly and maybe most weirdly, you can turn hemp into “milk” if you want. I’m not sure that you’d want to if you weren’t trying to avoid dairy – but I know that many of you do avoid dairy. So this might be a nice change from soy milk; it can also be turned into a vegan mayonnaise. Full instructions are here.

Oh, and that gluten-free tabouli recipe! It’s here. Tasty, no?

Have you eaten hempseed in anything? What did you think?

8 thoughts on “Hemp: yet another gluten-free grain”

  1. I have been making tabouli with quinoa for a very long time now. It tastes great and you cannot tell the difference . None of my family members ever questioned the switch, and we are from the Middle East !

  2. i’ve just discovered hemp seed (hulled) and the powder. the seeds remind me of a cross between sunflower seeds and pecans. the powder has no taste at all. i put the seeds on my salads and the powder in my smoothies…love them both. i like that i am eating something with protein that isn’t a soy product.

  3. Emily, are you sure it’s a grain? I’m trying to find out, but all I’m seeing so far is “seed” and “herb.” I haven’t seen anyone call it a grain. That’s important for those who use your web site and are totally grain free.

  4. Yes you WOULD want to make hemp into milk. It is delicious especially if mildly sweetened and vanilla extract or bits of cacao are added. And it may concentrate the omega essential fatty acids into a liquid form which provides tons of healthy minerals usually including magnesium. In my own humble and personal opinion it is superior to cows or any other kind of milk if your protein needs are met by solid foods.

    To make milk you mostly just soak the seeds in water, press them if you have a press, add the other ingredients, seal, and refrigerate. You may look for this recipe on my website sometime in the future.

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