Recall Alert: Blue Bunny Personals, Mislabeled

A recall has been issued for a limited number of Blue Bunny Personals, single servings of the popular ice cream.

According to Wells Enterprises, who make Blue Bunny ice cream, the product was packed in the wrong carton. While the lid correctly identifies the contents as Super Chunky Cookie Dough ice cream, the packaging is for Peanut Butter Panic and therefore does not declare wheat as an ingredient.
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Harm-reduction drug for celiacs shows promising results


On a different note than Wednesday’s alert, today’s post is about promising data on a drug for those of us with celiac disease.

The drug, currently carrying the less-than-sexy moniker ALV003, was designed by Alvine Pharmaceuticals to diminish, “gluten-induced intestinal mucosal injury in well-controlled celiac disease patients.” Phase 2a trials went well, hence this post.
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Robitussin: Gluten-free, or not?

Coughing FitRecently, the OTC cough-and-cold line Robitussin got a makeover. The packaging was redesigned, but the ingredient lists seemed the same.

Unfortunately, they may not be — at least, for some of the products. Reports are conflicting, and I don’t want to falsely implicate any specific products so I’m not going to name any. As soon as we get an answer we trust we’ll publish it. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:
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How about them apples? Baked apples make a gluten-free fall treat

This is my first Halloween in Pittsburgh since college. I’m excited. I’m dressing up as Carmen Sandiego, if I can just find the right red hat.

I’m also going to a friend’s for dinner and the handing-out of candy to neighborhood children. Pretty psyched for that, especially because it’s on me to bring dessert.

At the table: a vegan, a picky eater, gluten-free me (and a few omnivores). Instantly, baked apples came to mind. I love baked apples not just because they’re gluten-free, but because you can make them as decadent or as healthy as you want, you can make one or ten, they’re already portioned out, and they taste like fall.
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Are Fruit Snacks Deceptively Marketed as Healthy?

Sometimes you hear about a lawsuit and you have to wonder.

There are cases — like the infamous “Coffee is hot!” McDonald’s lawsuit — that seem frivolous at first but in actuality aren’t (the woman had 3rd degree burns on 6% of her body and was hospitalized for 8 days).

Then there are cases that seem solid at first, but are really built on shaky ground.

This latest kerfluffle with General Mills seems, to me, to be a case of the latter variety. The suit alleges that the company’s various fruit snacks are deceptively marketed as being healthy.

According to Adweek, the complaint reads in part, “Thus, although the Products were marketed as being healthful and nutritious for children and adults alike, selling these Fruit Snacks was little better than giving candy to children.”

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