Spread the News with our Featured Product Badge

Have you seen this logo before?

If not, keep an eye out: you’ll likely notice it soon, on items that are featured in Triumph Dining’s Gluten-Free Grocery Guide.

Those of you who already have the Grocery Guide know that it’s the best travel companion a grocery shopper could hope to have. Like us, you’re probably fans of the companies who are included in the guide – after all, they’ve taken pains to demonstrate their seriousness about the gluten-free consumer.

So, when those manufacturers asked us for help, we took it seriously. They wanted a way communicate share their commitment to gluten-free with all of their consumers: thus the Featured Product seal was born.

You’ll see the medallion used by companies who consistently focus on keeping their gluten-free customers safe and informed. For example, Wholesome Chow — one of the first companies to display the logo on their website — has been creating allergy-friendly baking mixes since 2009.

Which favorite brands have you discovered thanks to the Grocery Guide? If they aren’t yet using the Featured Product logo, let them know – there’s no cost to participants in the program. To find out more, send an email to [email protected].

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