Gluten-Free Halloween: a Piece of (Spooky) Cake

Zombie Pumpkins, or kids on a sugar high?

Halloween! It’s almost here. Are you dressing up? Are your kids?

On the surface, Halloween can be a tough time to be gluten-free — but as our numbers grow, so do the resources available for creating a safe, happy Halloween.

First and foremost: gluten-free candy. Thanks to Heidi for posting a list of lists on Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. Some of those lists include spooky lunchbox ideas and other fun goodies, so be sure to give a read.

Even if you have a list from last year, take a minute to go through these; ingredients can change — for better or for worse — and taking 5 minutes now will get your trick-or-treaters 5 minutes closer to chowing down in a few weeks.

If you’re interested in making your own sweet treats for Halloween, I love the list of gluten-free recipes Teri Gruss has compiled on Pumpkin Seed Brittle? Meringue Ghosts? Yes please.

I also like Dr. Schär’s tips for a happy gluten-free Halloween, whether you’re dealing with a classroom party or a gaggle of roving children.

Of course, some of our best Halloween memories don’t come from candy at all. Whether you have 10 minutes and $5, or 10 days and $500, Martha Stewart has some spooky decorating ideas that will have you (almost) forgetting about candy altogether — including the zombie pumpkins pictured above.

The real question is: what’s the best gluten-free costume? If anyone can convince their child to dress up as the 33-mer peptide or some healthy villi, PLEASE send photos. I will post them here for posterity’s sake and you can embarrass your child when it’s time for senior prom.


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