Product Review: Deliciously Healthy Dolcetti Cookies

I think my favorite flavor is the Pistachio. Or maybe the Hazelnut Chocolate. Or Almond.

It would be a tough choice — but since the team at Dolcetti sent me a bag of each of their five flavors of cookie, I didn’t really have to choose at all.

Dolcetti cookies’ self-described mission is (in part) to create something “deliciously healthy.” Mission achieved.

The base of the cookies is ground nuts and egg whites, which means they have a) a lot of protein for a sweet treat and b) a nice, chewy consistency similar to a macaroon. Each of the gluten-free flavors (all of them are gluten-free) is made with simple, easy to understand ingredients.

The flavors are mild, natural-tasting and fresh — these are cookies to pair with your favorite tea in the middle of the afternoon, or to nibble on between breakfast and lunch. You could share them (anecdotal evidence indicates that people will happily eat these cookies any time of the day or night) or keep the bag somewhere secret where only you know about it (I’m talking about you, Hazelnut Chocolate).

For those of you with multiple foods to avoid, Dolcetti are free of gluten, but also dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial ingredients, cholesterol, preservatives, oils and trans fats. Deliciously healthy, indeed.

I can’t tell you how long the cookies stay good for, because mine were all gone within a week — if you can pace yourself and make them last longer than that, then I’ll be quite surprised.

Dolcetti cookies are available in a few retail locations in the San Francisco area, but can also be purchased online. Just check out their website,

Have you had Dolcetti? If so, what did you think?

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