Robitussin: Gluten-free, or not?

Coughing FitRecently, the OTC cough-and-cold line Robitussin got a makeover. The packaging was redesigned, but the ingredient lists seemed the same.

Unfortunately, they may not be — at least, for some of the products. Reports are conflicting, and I don’t want to falsely implicate any specific products so I’m not going to name any. As soon as we get an answer we trust we’ll publish it. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Some people are reporting glutenings from some Robitussin products that — up until recently — they were able to consume without any symptoms.
  2. Pfizer, who make Robitussin, do not test their products for gluten. They never have, this is not a change in policy. The information they share is based on ingredient lists.
  3. Different people are hearing different reports when they call Pfizer’s help line. Clearly and unfortunately, there is some confusion.

Jules Gluten Free put out a great post on this specific issue, and rather than repeat her words I’ll just point you there.

If you’d like to contact Pfizer / Robitussin directly — which I recommend — you can do so by calling them at 800-762-4675 (M-F 9-5 EST).

In general, is a good source of updated information on gluten in medications. As this current incident shows, though, it pays to be generally aware and to follow up with the manufacturer any time you have a suspicion.

Have you personally had any experience with any of the Robitussin products in new packaging?

One thought on “Robitussin: Gluten-free, or not?”

  1. Thanks for this. This could explain some symptoms I had recently w/their extra strength cough syrup. The symptoms were the same as I get with accidental barley or malt (milder than the ones I get with wheat or rye) but was otherwise unable to determine what had caused them.

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